Hover Cover Magnetic Microwave Splatter Guard Lid with Steam Vents 11.5″ + Heat Resistant Silicone Cooking Mitt

The newest and most convenient microwave plate cover!

Simply keep your hover cover inside your microwave oven. It’s always ready! Just pull it down, cover your food while heating, and lift it back up. Watch how the powerful magnets keep your cover securely hovered until your next use 🙂 The vented design along with the large dome shape creates the perfect cooking environment, evenly distributing heat while locking in enough moisture to prevent drying of your food.

✔Magnetically Majestic – Our robust, powerful magnets keep your microwave splatter cover right where you need it, when you need it!

✔Pure Durability – After an all out testing spree, we’ve chosen the most rugged, durable plastic we could find. Designed for consistent use for years to come!

✔2 Free Bonuses! – You’ll find that we include a silicone pinch mitt with your microwave cover! Use for grabbing hot trays or skillets or maybe even as a skillet handle grip when cooking your favorite stir fry! We also email you a fantastic healthy microwave recipe eBook. This contains loads of healthful tips as well as quick, delicious microwave recipes to keep you healthy on any time budget! (eBook will not be received if you’ve chosen to opt-out of seller emails)

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Magnetic Microwave Cover
Color: Clear
Material: PP (Polypropylene) Body + Polymer Encased Magnets
Size: 3.5″ Height x 11.5″ Diameter
Weight: 6.4oz
Heat Resistance: 295°F

DELUXE SET Includes:
1 Hover Cover
1 Silicone Pinch Mitt
1 Microwave Recipe eBook

Product Features

  • CONVENIENCE ⎸Our magnetic microwave cover is the easiest way yet to shield your plates and bowls to prevent food sputtering! Just pull down to cover your dish and lift it back up when finished. It sticks to the top! Never has it been easier or more convenient for you to keep your microwave clean!
  • AVOID NASTY BACTERIA ⎸ Made from Fda approved and Bpa free material. Eco-friendly and perfectly safe for your family. Easily prevent nasty food build up inside your microwave, avoiding bacteria and foodborne illnesses.
  • HIGHEST GRADE ⎸ We’ve thoroughly tested and chose only the best heat resistant polypropylene plastic to craft your microwave plate cover. We make sure you can feel safe using our products!
  • 2 FREE GIFTS ⎸We include an awesome little silicone heat proof grip with a heat resistance of almost 500 degrees! We also email you a full microwave recipe eBook jam packed with healthy and delicious recipes that can be prepared quickly in the microwave!
  • TAKE BACK CONTROL ⎸ The last thing you need to worry about in your busy life is a nasty, splattered up microwave. We make it simple to take back control of the mess! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!