Instant Pot 5252279 Official 10×14 Cutting Mat with Cook Times, 10×14-inch, White

This cutting mat is an Instant Pot pressure cooker essential accessory! Specially designed for use with Instant Pot pressure cookers, the Instant Pot official 10×14 cutting mat features recommended cook times and psi (pounds per square inch) information for some of the most popular Instant Pot ingredients/recipes. No more guessing to get it right—you’ll never overcook or undercooking your Instant Pot meals or snacks again! The Mat is nice and thin for easy storage, but as strong and durable as a standard cutting board. It’s also reversible, which means double the cutting surface, and dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

Product Features

  • FEATURES COOK TIMES AND PSI: No more guessing to get it right with cook times and PSI (pounds per square inch) for the most cooked Instant Pot foods right on the strong, durable mat
  • REVERSIBLE: Double the cutting surface
  • THIN PROFILE: For easy storage
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Sturdy mat goes right in the dishwasher for easy cleanup