Time Roaming Silicone Microwave Mat Non Stick Oven Mat Diameter 12 Inch

Specially designed silicone oven mat to contain spills,drips and splatters.
Non-stick surface provides easy cleanup.Popular oven liner.
Silicone microwave mat can protect your glass microwave turntable.
Heat resistance:-30 to+240 C.
Dishwasher safe and fits standard size microwave turntables.

Product Features

  • MATERIAL: 100% silicone and BPA , heat resistance: -30 to+240 C.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Hot pads, bassets, splash guards, can openers, placemats, lids, food covers, and cutlery placement.
  • DESIGN: Raised grooves and edges are not only easy to grasp, but also heat dissipation.
  • CLEAN: Non-sticky, dishwasher safe, easy to clean.
  • AUTHENTIC GUARANTEE: The product from [Time Roaming] brand licensing and exclusive sales, never granted to any other dealer. Please look for US trademark brand names [Time Roaming] registered documented before you buy, we provide 100% authentic guarantee for the sale of goods.