Zophen Universal Vacuum Cleaner Attachment,Small Suction Brush Tubes Flexible Access to Anywhere, Strong Suction for Cars, Corners, Pets, Drawers

Vacuum cleaner attachment makes you moreconvenient, long and flexible tubes,attach to any deeply corners you can’treach, clean clearer and save you a lot times, this dust cleaner can impressyou deeply and you will happy for your purchasing. Dust cleaner vacuum is ahandy tool that can help you a lot and save you a lot of time. You can use thevacuum cleaner attachment to clean your sofa, drawer, bookshelf, your car andeven you pets. Handy and convenient.


Product specification

Material : plastic

Color:black and blue

The model of vacuum cleaning:Thisattachment is Universal,fits to any type of vacuum cleaning tool,but notincluded Dyson and Hoover

How to use

1. Attach to your vacuum cleaner

2. Turn on your vacuum cleaner machine

3. Start to clean your house



1.The tubes could get stuck/break

Even though the suction tubes are smallerand more flexible than the parts that make up a vacuum attachment,they may bemore likely to break.Besides,if you use them to clean the heat vents or the spaceswithin powered-down portable heaters,they will get stuck and be difficult toretrieve.

2.They can’t be fold up smaller

You need to get enough space to storagethem.

 Package contain : 1 * tube part, 1 * blackadapter,1 * blue adapter


Before you use,be sure to unplug them andturn them off.

Don’t Submerge in Water -The water coulddamage it and the vacuum it’s attached to.

Product Features

  • Universal attachment : The cleaner can be attached to various vacuums, like your household or car vacuum cleaner and so on
  • Can be used everywhere : There are somewhere you can’t clean clearly with normal tools, but not with this one, you can use it to clean your cars, corners, even your pets.
  • Easy to use : Just connect this to your vacuum and you can clean as seen as on TV, flexible tubes, strong suction and long size all of this can do more job.
  • Save your time : No need to move objects anymore, flexible tubes can fix all. Long and flexible tubes have access to any deep corners, no longer need to do more job.
  • Zero risk : Our products have any problems. Three months return, lifetime warranty. You have any questions at any time to contact us, we will contact you within 24 hours.