Ballard Inc Garbage Goat – Mower Trash Containment System

The Garbage Goat is the first of its kind, patent pending, completely universal lawn mower trash containment system. With multiple included hooks and hooking options, and an industrial magnet bottom this will work on all types of mowers including ZTR, Standers, Walk Behinds and even those lawn tractors with low profile seats. Large enough to carry many days of trash and debris, yet small and compact. Easy access flexible opening at the top allows easy access and keeps all debris inside. The latch tight lid quickly removes to empty out in seconds. No more wedging trash in the cup holder, under your feet and in your pockets just to watch it fly off on the road. Step up your game! Features: Lightweight, yet very durable poly container construction 2 styles of rubber coated hooks for different seat designs, stand on units, etc. included Narrow & wide, dual sided slide in hook locations for all high and low back seats Industrial built-in magnets on the bottom for locking it on any mower or flat steel surface Latch tight removable fitted lid with handles Elastic top straps allow easy access while keeping trash inside at all times 4 gallon trash bag fits inside if desired for fast & easy emptying Drainage holes in the bottom Also mounts on trailers, or locks down in steel pickup beds as well Measures 12.5″Long x 8.5″ wide x 11″ tall Patent pending

Product Features

  • Trash containment