Inton Leathercraft Knife Blade Sharpener Whetstone Stand Rouge Stick Leather Sharpener Grinding Set (Japanese)

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Length:11.4 x 3 x 1.5 inches
Weight: 160g

1.Operation Instruction:
2.Firstly coat the green grinding agent on the surface of the board(the rough side of the first layer leather tanning),then add drops of engine oil(e.g. sewing machine oil) on the surface. Keep add engine oil when Volatilize to insure good working situation.
3.Sharpen the blade by pulling the blade toward you about 6 to 10 times, do not push the blade forward on the board, this will damage the leather tanning.
4.Turn to the other side of the board, start the same operation, do 2-6 times the same way to sharpen your blade. This made the tools more sharper.
5.Then just prepare and enjoy your working on doing perfect cutting or carving.

Product Features

  • Material: high quality wood and leather
  • Weight: 80g(board)
  • Grinding agent and stone for sharpening dull swivel knife blades for smoother cutting
  • Can also be used for sharpening kitchen knives and standard pocket knives.
  • Operation Instruction enclosed on the detailed description page