Quilter’s Pressing Pad Mat- 12″x18″x0.6″ 100% Wool for Professional Ironing| Portable Quilting Heat Press Pad for Traveling, Camping, College| Top Craft, Sewing, Embroidery Iron Pad

Pressing effectively

-To offer you professional ironing for your quilt blocks,fabrics or garments

-To retain heat, making ironing a faster task

-To follow you on your travels, business trips and holidays

Time efficiency – Because you are effectively ironing both sides at the same timethe result is quicker and earns better results.

Perfect For All Your Creative Projects!

Whether you’re looking for a tabletop ironing pad for home,the college or the workplace or a portable side-table ironing mat for sewing orembroidery, you’ve got it!

Easily carried in your handbag, backpack or luggage, thisquilt mat will ensure ironing perfection at home, in your travels and in yourrefreshing camping weekend.

Best Quality – We know this 100% Wool Pressing pad is the Best Quality and willlast a lifetime, Please contact us for anyquestions. We will reply within 8 hours and help solve the problem until youare satisfied.

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Product Features

  • 100% WOOL -Quilter’s love this pressing pad and it doesn’t matter whether you use steam or no-steam as the result is still crisply pressed seams. Heat is trapped in the pressing pad and then radiates back up to the underside of the fabric therefore, effectively ironing both sides at the same time.
  • GREAT FOR SEWING – Designed in the ideal shape for convenient ironing, this wool heat pressing mat makes your handy sewing iron pad for detailed sleeve or pant seams ironing, your embroidery mat or your DIY flat iron pad.
  • EXCELLENT PORTABLE IRONING PAD: The Magic Pressing Mat is a perfect size for traveling, camping, or even taking to college dorms. Fits in small places allowing full use of your space
  • GOOD QUALITY: Dense interlocking wool fibers of this pad hold the fabric to minimize stretching while ironing. Stretching often happens with half-square triangles and piecing done on the fabric bias but this portable ironing pad helps to prevent that leaving crisp seams without stretching.
  • 100% SATISFACTION: Please contact us for any questions. We will reply within 8 hours and help solve the problem until you are satisfied.