THRITOP Stand Mixer Food Mixers, with 5L Mixing Bowl for Bread and Dough, Electric Mixer with Dough Hook, Whisk, Cookies Paddles and Spatula – 6 Speed Settings, 600 W New Concept Food Mixer(Elegant Grey)


1. Powerful motor 600W

2. 5QT bowl(4.0 L Working capacity),stainless steel and plastic bowl for options.

3. Perfect distance between the hook/whisk and the bowl, suitable for doing small/large quantities of mixing

4. Transparent splash-proof cover + feeder cover–Prevents ingredients from splattering out of the bowl and see the working process clearly

5. Low noise, environment friendly

6. Non slip feet and very firm base

7. Dough hook, whisk, cookies paddles and spatula are included

Product Features

  • 1.THRITOP Unique Design Food Mixer — THRITOP food mixer is different from the traditional, it have novel appearance. Utilize horizontal mounting with a range of structural mates, effectively reduce the height of the food mixer, therefore avoid the safety issues that case shaking badly because of height. This mounting reduces the overall volume of the food mixer and easy to install and use.
  • 2.600W DC Motor & 6 Speed Settings — Choose the setting best suited to your recipe. The Strong 600W motor will help you mix whatever combination of ingredients you choose. Imitation of the palm kneading dough, the softness of the flour will be as you adjust the speed and perfect fully blend. This is an essential for baking bread, cakes or making desserts.
  • 3.Three Accessories & 5L Bowl — THRITOP food mixer with unique dough hook, S/S twin whisk and Scraper. 5.0L stainless steel bowl with center opening, 4.5L working capacity, equivalent to accommodate 200-1000g dry flour,1500g dough,3-38 egg whites. (Put at least 3 egg whites in order to make cream) Egg whites to be whipped within 3 mins; formation of gluten within 8-10 mins. Perfect distance between the hook / whisk and the stainless steel mixing bowl, suitable for doing small / large quant
  • 4.THRITOP Unique Kitchen Appliance Design: Transparent splash-proof cover — Prevents ingredients from splattering out of the bowl and see the working process clearly. Low noise, environment friendly. Equipped with non slip feet and very firm base. Compared to the general mixer, ours allows you to see the degree of kneading more visually and clearly, allows you to make adjustments anytime, anywhere!
  • 5.Cleaning & After-sale — Don’t worry cleaning the mixer. Because conform dishwasher safe attachments. You can easy to disassemble it and normal cleaning.