Wool Ironing Mat-Pad Made with 100% New Zealand Wool Pressing Pad Great for Traveling and Quilting Holds Heat When Pressing to Provide Professional Results Ironing Board Cover (Gray, 12X18)

Get quality results for all of your craft projects and hobbies. The Mountclear Wool Iron Mat works with you to effectively and efficiently press or iron textiles. Whether you’re perfecting your crafts or just creating the perfect seam this ironing pad helps you get the job done quickly. Crafted from 100% wool, it effectively retains heat so both sides of material can receive pressing treatment. It works on any hard surface and it absorbs heat and moisture in order to prevent burns and surface damage. It’s perfect for frequent travels because it conveniently fits into bags. Make perfectly pressed garments with Mountclear! BENEFITS & FEATURES: 100% Wool High Quality 12 X 18 Inches Gray Portable for Travel Use Effective for All Textiles Generously Sized Works on Any Hard Surface Retains Heat and Moisture Prevents Stretching Works on Ironing Board or Table Top EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED FOR PROJECTS! It’s ideal for quilting, embroidery, stitching, sewing, applique work, patchwork, garment work and so much more! The mat does half the work for you as you can easily pin fabrics, materials and embroidery to the mat for stability. It makes perfecting your hobbies easy. It’s portable so you can easily take it to workshops and classes. Its versatility also gives you the freedom to learn another craft just about anywhere. IRONS CLOTHING TOO! If you’re a frequent traveler or always on the road this is the perfect portable ironing board for you! It can easily fit into luggage and it works just about anywhere. Turn any surface into the perfect ironing station. Give your clothing a quick refresh before an important business meeting. Pressing crisp seams into your clothing is quick and easy. It works with hand irons and heat presses. You can count on always looking your best!

Product Features

  • QUALITY MATERIAL: The Mountclear ironing mat is crafted from 100% wool and is densely packed to provide the perfect ironing surface for any textile work. Unlike typical pressing pads ours can be used on table tops, ironing boards or any surface.
  • PORTABLE FOR TRAVEL: Create an ironing station anywhere you go! Ironing clothes, fabrics and other materials is easy. This ironing pad is lightweight and easily fits into bags, backpacks or luggage. It measures 12X18 inches.
  • PERFECT FOR PROJECTS: Don’t start your next DIY project without it! This wool iron mat is exactly what you need to explore your creativity. It’s a necessity for ironing embroidery, iron bead projects, patches, quilting and so more!
  • EASY TO USE: Pressing is quick and easy. Premium quality wool keeps materials secure and with optimal heat retention you can effectively iron both side at the same time. Pieces can be pinned to the mat for extra security and stability.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: This premium quality ironing pad can be used on just about any hard surface and it works on a wide range of textiles including knits and woven materials. It’s compatible with both hand irons and heat press.