4392067 Dryer Repair Kit for 27-in. Whirlpool Dryers by PartsBroz – Replaces Part Numbers AP3109602, 2015, 4392067VP, 587637, 80047, AH373088, EA373088 & PS373088

Your dryer goes through regular wear and tear each time you run a load of laundry. If you’re noticing problems like squeaky noises or a drum that won’t turn, it’s helpful to replace all the wearable parts in your dryer. The 4392067 dryer repair kit by PartsBroz contains everything you need to repair compatible 27-inch wide dryers and thin twins.

The kit includes:

1 drum belt (93.5L x 0.25W in.) 4 drum support rollers 1 idler pulley 9 tri-rings 1 washer Instruction sheet

Installation Tips

For safety, always disconnect your dryer from its power source before beginning any repair. Clear an area around the dryer to place the disassembled parts. Tools you might need include a quarter-inch hex head nut driver, a small flathead screwdriver, and work gloves.

Compatible brands and models include but are not limited to:

Whirlpool: WED9250WW1 WED9270XL0 WED9270XL1 WED9270XL2 WED9270XR0 WED9270XR1 WED9270XR2 WED9270XW0 WED9270XW1 WED9270XW2 WED9290FC0 WED9290FW0 WED9300VU0 WED9300VU1 WED9371YL0 WED9371YW0 WED9371YW1 WED9400SB1 WED9400ST1 WED9400SU1 WED9400SU2 WED9400SW1

Kenmore/Sears:110.63022101 110.72182102 110.84832200 110.84836200 110.92826102 110.62062101 110.63012102 110.63032102 110.73012101 110.73022100 110.73022101 110.73046101 110.84834200 110.94834201

Maytag: YMED3500FW0 YMED4200BG0 YMED4200BW0 YMED5100DC0 YMED5100DC1 YMED5100DW0 YMED5100DW1 YMED5500FC0 YMED5500FW0 YMED6000AG0 YMED6000AW0 YMED6000XG0

Amana:NGD7300WW1, NGD7300WW0, YNED7500XW0, YNED7300WW2, YNED7300WW1

Replaces Several Part Numbers:

The kit is a high-quality exact equivalent replacement for part numbers 4392067, 4392067VP, 587637, 80047, AH373088, EA373088, AP3109602, PS373088.

Questions about compatibility? Reach out to us in the customer questions section or on the PartsBroz storefront.

Product Features

  • ✅ PART NUMBER 4392067: This high-quality replacement part directly replaces part numbers 4392067, 2015, 4392067VP, 587637, 80047, AH373088, EA373088, AP3109602, and PS373088.
  • ✅ REPLACES ALL WEARABLE PARTS: Use the dryer kit to replace all the wearable parts in your clothes dryer. The complete kit includes a drum belt, 4 drum support rollers, an idler pulley, 9 tri-rings, 1 washer, and an instruction sheet.
  • ✅ FOR WHIRLPOOL DRYERS: The kit is compatible with several 27-inch-wide Whirlpool manufactured dryers and thin twin laundry centers. Compatible brands include Kenmore/Sears, Maytag, KitchenAid, and Amana. Reach out to us to confirm compatibility with your appliance.
  • ✅ EASY DIY FIX: Replacing all the wearable parts in your dryer takes about one to two hours. It’s an easy repair if you follow along with a repair video. Helpful tools include a quarter-inch hex head nut driver, a small flathead screwdriver, and work gloves.
  • ✅ HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: This high-quality kit meets all original manufacturer specifications for fit and performance. Please note that the drum belt does not fit all compatible dryer models. Compare the specific belt used in your appliance against this kit’s drum belt. Drum belt specs: 93.5L x 0.25W in. with 4 ribs.