8QT Instant Pot Accessories with Steamer Basket, Springform Pan, Two Egg Racks, Two 8QT Sealing Rings, Instant Pot Release Valve, 3 Colorful Magnetic Cheat Sheets (10pieces-accessories)

Essieny Multifunctional Instant Pot Accessorie:
Steamer basket:
Steam vegetables, seafood, eggs, meat, desserts, baby food and so on, it will reheating food without loss of the vitamins, nutrients, texture or flavor as compared to microwave.

Springform pan:
Non-stick double layer design, easy washed. Buckle design will easy release the cakes, great to make various delicious & delicate blue cheese cake, Cheesecake, Chocolate cake and so on.

Egg steamer racks:
Two racks will allow you steaming 14 eggs at one time for all your family members, if you do not need to cook so much at one time, it could also used to raise plate, pan or bowls off.

3 PCS Magnetic cheat sheets:
There are 45 food and contains cooking time and liquid, easy stick them on instant pot or refrigerator. Especially good for the cooking beginners.

Instant Pot Release Valve:
The release valve directs steam to the counter. Protect your wood cabinet away from moisture, prevent condensation that damages wood and causes mold!

2 PCS 8QT Instant Pot Sealing Rings:
Made by high-quality food-grade silicone, dishwasher safe, BPA free, and food-safe. Perfect for replacing your instant pot 8 Quart sealing rings when they deformed,Yellowing and so on.

Package Includes:
1 x Steamer Basket
1 x Non-stick Springform Pan
2 x Egg Steamer Racks
1 x Release Valve
2 x Sealing Rings
3 x Magnetic Cheat Sheets

Product Features

  • ★PERFECT INSTANT POT ACCESSORIES★: 10pcs instant pot accessories could meet your most cooking need, this set will allow you steam food, bake cake, cooking 14 eggs at one time, two 8qt sealing rings allow you change yours when it deformed, magnetic cheat sheets will offer sea food/vegetable/grain cooking time and liquid, help you cooking nutritious food.
  • ★10 PIECES IN ONE ★: This package will include 1 X Steamer Basket, 1 X Springform Pan, 2 X Egg Racks, 2 X Instant Pot Sealing Rings, 1 X Instant Pot Release Valve, 3 X Magnetic Cheat Sheets. They will help a lot when you cooking.
  • ★FOOD GRADE & FDA APPROVED MATERIAL★: These instant pot accessories are made by food grade silicone and food grade 304 silicone stainless steel, FDA approved, BPA free and odor free. Made delicious and healthier food for your family without any worry.
  • ★HEATHIER COOKING LIFE STYLE★: Steaming is a healthier cooking method, the food that steam by these steaming set could retain more vitamins, nutrients and texture than boiling, microwaving and frying. Our steamer basket could boiled eggs, chicken broth, vegetables, asparagus, meatloaf without loss of the original nutrients like microwave oven.
  • ★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE★:Your satisfaction is our priority, Essieny always offer high quality products with best service, and we accept any return and get full refund, or replace a new one with any dissatisfy, just feel free to contact us.