Accessories Set Compatible with 8 Quart Instant Pot Only with Sealing Rings, Tempered Glass Lid, and Steamer Basket.

17 piece 8qt Accessory Set
 Never run out of recipes to cook with your Instant Pot again! Our kit includes everything you need to cook thousands of different recipes from the comfort of your kitchen. Free up your time, energy, and cooking space with our convenient and all in one accessory kit.

Your new pressure cooker accessory kit includes the following

2x Silicone sealing rings
1x Tempered glass lid with anti-scalding handle
1x Steamer basket
1x Cheesecake pan
1x Egg bites mold
2x Egg steamer trivet
1x Kitchen tongs
1x Dish plate clip
1x Silicone pot holder mat
2x Silicone oven mitts
3x Magnets with cooking times for your most common foods
1x Recipe book full of hand picked meals
100x Cooking parchment paper

 Some of the best things about your new Pressure Cooker accessories are that since it’s made of high quality materials you don’t have to worry about harmful by products.
 The accessories 8 qt worked for insta-pot 8qt duo, instant pot max 8, 8 qt ultra, duo80, lux80, and all 8 quart pressure cookers.

Remark: Our shop have upgraded the basket steamers. The products that the buyer may receive are upgraded, but please be assured that the upgraded quality is better and the size is larger; The magnetic cheat sheets are shipped randomly, and different buyers may receive magnetic cheat sheets of different shapes and colors.

Product Features

  • >Included with this set is 17 different accessories to help you cook the perfect meal on time every time. Included are 2 silicone sealing rings, 1 tempered glass lid with anti-scalding handle, 1 steamer basket, 1 cheesecake pan, 1 egg bites mold, 2 egg steamer racks, 1 kitchen tongs, 1 dish plate clip, 1 silicone pot holder mat, 2 silicone oven mitts, 3 magnetic cheat sheet for common foods, 1 recipe book, and 100 parchment paper.
  • > Our Steamer basket more than 9 inch is made to works with your extra large 8 qt Insant Pot. Having guests over for dinner? Don’t want to spend all day cooking? You’ll never run out of room using this steamer basket with enough room to cook for 8 people! Get all your cooking done in one go with our extra large steamer!
  • >Clear lid are a must have for cookware that is strong, resilient, durable. Our anti-scalding handle is a must have to prevent burns to your hands and can stand vertically to save valuable kitchen space. Our tempered lids are designed to stay clear while cooking so you can always see your food and prevent over cooking.
  • >Our high quality Silicone sealing rings are perfect for trapping in heat and creating a perfectly cooked Instant meal every time. Two colors are included, one red and one blue, so you won’t mix them up when cooking varying flavors in your Pressure Cooker.
  • >Steaming is hailed as one of the healthiest cooking methods, and with all the great accessories included with this kit the possibilities are endless. Reheat foods with different flavors in the steamer basket? Of course! Cook vegetables and then meat in the same Pot? Definitely! Enjoy foods that are healthier and tastier thanks to steaming? Most assuredly!