Aicok Portable Ice Maker, 26lbs Stainless Steel Countertop Ice Machine with Self-clean Function, 9 Ice Cubes ready in 7 Minutes, 26lbs Ice per 24 hours, 2 Qt. Water Tank, LCD Display & Ice Scoop

Aicok portable ice maker could easily blend in your house, office or outdoors. The transparent viewing window lets you follow the ice making process without lifting the lid all the time. The water tank has a large capacity of 2.3qt and an ice basket of up to 1.8lb. You can also pre-program the ice machine with the timer. The intelligent LCD control panel shows you all of the necessary information during working, including error indicator, ice cube size setting, timer indication, ice status and also a water gauge. ETL certified.

Specifications:Power: 110-120V~ 60 Hz
Weight: 11.5kg/25lb
Product dimensions: 9.8 “L x 14.17” W x 12.87 “H (249 * 360 * 327mm)

☆This ice maker is insulated and by definition not a freezer. The ice cubes will not be frozen in the ice machine. Use a separate freezer for this purpose.
★The innovative technology of the device can reuse molten water – saving time and water.
☆The ice production may be poor in the first 5 rounds, because the refrigeration system is not yet stably running.
★It is recommended to add water to the maximum water level, draining the air inside the pump
☆Please place the product on a stable, ventilated, clean countertop.
★The timing function is a kind of mechanical timing, thus might have errors and cannot be used as a clock.
☆In order to ensure the normal use of the product, we have attached an extra drain plug to the front page of the manual, please keep it for emergency use.
★Before usage, please check the drain plug and the inner silicone plug to prevent water leakage.
☆When the product starts to make ice, do not press other buttons frequently, to prevent the ice making process from being stopped.
★If a new machine does not make ice, it may be backflow of refrigerant caused by transportation. Please wait for 24 hours before using.

Product Features

  • ❄ PORTABLE & COMPACT – Produces 9 ice cubes within 6-10 minutes, 1.1lb of ice cubes per hour, enjoy the maximum production capability: 26 lb within 24 hours. Equipped with a large water tank (2.3qt), a large ice basket (1.8lb) and a BPA-free ice scoop. Powerful but noiseless compressor. Thick foam layer insulates heat effectively. Quiet DC fan.
  • ❄ THREE SIZE-OPTIONS – S / M / L, 3 size-options cater to all kinds of needs for ice cubes: iced food, smoothies, drinks, emergency ice bag and etc. Bullet-shaped ice cubes bring you refreshing coolness.
  • ❄ SELF-CLEAN FUNCTION – In areas with hard water, minerals can stick to ice maker internal during the ice making cycle, eventually forming hard, scaly deposits in the ice maker, which can lead to stinky and impure ice cubes. With the self-clean function, cleaning ice maker could be no longer messy. Sponge or rag? No need. Just add some water and vinegar, and clicking a few buttons.
  • ❄ MULTIFUNCTIONAL SMART DESIGN – LCD control panel, it’s operated via 4 buttons directly below the LCD-display. The large and simple icons make it clear at any time which mode has been set. Automatic stand-by mode while the ice basket is full. Automatic water-shortage warning. Timer makes it unnecessary to monitor. Transparent viewing window.
  • ❄ 2-YEAR WARRANTY – Product approved by ETL, 2-year warranty and 30-day return policy from “Aicok”. And technical advice and customer service are provided throughout life. Our ice maker is no freezer or refrigerator, it can produce but not freeze ice cubes.