Bossin Countertop Ice Maker Portable Ice Making Machine -Bullet Ice Cubes Ready in 6 Mins – Makes 33 lbs Ice in 24 hrs – Perfect for Home/Office/Bar 2 Qt. Water Tank (High-end Stainless Steel-1)

Compact& Energy Efficient

MAKING ICE CUBES WITH TRAY ! Our ice-cube maker is designed with speed and efficiency in mind; we make unique, cylinder-based cubes for faster formation so you have ice ready right when you need it for immediate use.
And, with our energy-efficient model, you get a quiet, elegant solution to all your frozen drink needs that won’t disrupt the rest of your activities.
With our portable ice-cube maker, there’s no more long waits for ice-cube trays to freeze or difficult chiseling away at an enormous bag of ice.
Instead, your ice is ready when you are, where you are-just like it should be.

Easy Use
Other machines can be tricky to figure out; even when you can get them working, getting them to work well can be a whole different matter.
We’re mindful that making ice can be slow, loud, and chunky; larger machines can cause annoyances and freeze with mechanical problems that can be troublesome to sort out.
That’s why we’ve made our ice-maker to be quiet, quick, and, most of all, simple to use
. The ice-maker is streamlined to avoid the build-ups and over-freezing that can cause so many problems for other machines.
With auto shut-off capabilities providing the most efficient and simple ice-maker on the market, saving you time and effort-not to mention your eardrums.

Power:  115V/60Hz
Weight:  25.3lb
Product dimensions:  13.3″L x 11.4″ W x 13.8″H
Ice making capacity:  33lbs/day
Ice making speed:  6-11min
Incidental:  1. Ice scoop. 2. Ice basket 
Timer Delay Time Range:  0.5-19.5 hours
Default Delay Time:  3 hours

Product Features

  • 【INTENSE ICE POWER】 – Ice Maker Machine is capable of producing 33 lbs of ice in 24 hours and quickly makes clear ice in one cycle within 6-11 mins. Bullet shaped ice cubes easily fit into the opening of the bottle and the three size of ice cube is perfect for mixed drinks and more.
  • 【CLOCK AND TIMER FUNCTION】- Current clock time and Timer and defualt delay time setting will clealy shows on LCD display window. You can either set on-timer or off-timer.
  • 【COMPACT, PORTABLE ICE MACHINE】 -stainless steel ice maker come in small packages. Since it doesn’t need a water hookup, it’s an ideal choice for barbecue, outdoor parties, or basement bars. And, since it’s flexible, light and easy to store, you can bring it nearly anywhere. 
  • 【QUIET and ENERGY EFFICIENT】 – With a quiet compressor that requires low energy to cool, it’s a tiny yet mighty addition to your bar or countertop (NOTE: Use ice shortly after making or store ice batches in freezer if not using right away).
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY SERVICE】 – We provide friendly worry-free service for one year. You can contact us whenever you have problems about our products.