Clothes Steamer – Portable Garment Steamer for Clothes – Handheld Mini Fabric ‎Steamer – Compact Hand Iron Steamer – Anti-Spill Steamer for Travelling & Home – Safe & ‎Handy Travel Steamer

The ADVANCED Compact Steamer 

This handheld steamer has more steaming power than you can imagine. Travel steamer requires only a minute and a half to reach the needed temperature and has enough water for up to 10 minutes of non-stop steaming. Iron steamer goes beyond comparison with the conventional ironing. 

The dry steam goes through the fabric and tackles the creases and destroying all bacteria along the way. 

Clothes Steamer for Quicker Ironing

Ironing with this portable garment steamer is a very pleasant activity that now consumes even less time.

It works equally well with all kinds of clothing and fabric. This mini steamer for clothes will change the way you look and the way you feel about your clothing!

The Top-Notch Steamer for Traveler’s Needs 

Whether you are on a holiday or taking a business trip to another part of the world, you will look ritzy thanks to this fabric steamer. 

Your Safety is Our Top Priority 

The iron steamer will switch off automatically in case it gets overheated or the water reservoir becomes empty! 

Portable steamer is suitable for virtually every type of clothing and fabric, for instance, satin, wool, cotton etc. Bedding sheets, drapes, and upholstery will also look great thanks to this handheld steamer! 

Useful advice #1: sudden voltage surges may cause water to start splashing from the tank. Therefore, make sure to keep the steam flow away from your body as well as from children and animals to avoid scalding. 

Useful advice # 2: fill the streamer with purified or distilled water. This will prevent white odour on the fabric. 

Suitable for 110V only. Avoid using adapters and voltage converters with this garment steamer for clothes.

Product Features

  • HARM-FREE – our clothes steamer will shut down automatically in case of liquid spillage or when the water temperature rises to a dangerous level! Garment steamer for clothes won’t cause any trouble when ironing any kind of clothing or articles made of fabric!
  • ANTI SPILL MODEL safeguards our handheld steamer against the issuance of liquid, thanks to its anti-spill build and an exclusively designed inner water reservoir, even at the inclination of 80 or more degrees. Undoubtedly, this is your first-choice compact steamer!
  • NO CREASES ON ANY TYPE OF TEXTILE – our clothing steamer is suitable for all types of textile and provides a smooth ironing experience. Get rid of creases on all of your clothing and even bed sheets with a simple steam breeze.
  • COMPACT and LIGHTWEIGHT – this 1.3 lbs convenient travel steamer for clothes is indispensable for both domestic chores and voyages. It is a top-of-the-line steamer for different articles of clothing at the most affordable price in its range. Moreover, this portable steamer is a very useful addition to the traveler’s set.
  • FAST & POWERFUL – the unique 500W heating element ensures that you will be able to start steaming in just a minute and a half. Ponnyc hand steamer can fit up to 4 ounces of water which equates to 10 minutes of uninterrupted steaming! This garment steamer will ensure a hassle-free ironing.