Mini Fridge, Mini Refrigerator with 20-Liter Large Capacity, Cooler/Warmer with Temperature Control for Bedroom, Dorm, Car, Skincare, Office (with one digital display)

The 20L Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge With Digital Display and Temperature Control
Range of Application:
1.Suitable places: car, home, yacht, office, makeup shop and so on.
2.Suitable for insulation: meals, breast milk, Chinese medicine and so on.
3.Suitable for refrigerating: fruits, beer, cans, cola, tea, medicines, cosmetics, beverages, etc.

Material: ABS
Color: Black White
Capacity: 20L
Power: 60W Screen
Type: With Digital Display
Plug Type: US
Volatge: DC12V or AC 110V/60Hz
Heating Temperature: Up to About 65 Celsius
Refrigeration Temperature: Lower Than Ambient Temperature Around 20-25 Celsius
Internal Size(Top Layer): 8.3×7.9×3.3inch
Internal Size(Mid Layer): 8.3×7.9×3.1inch
Internal Size(Bottom Layer): 8.3×7.9×6.5inch
Internal Size(Storage Basket): 6.9×1.2×1.9inch
Total Internal Size: 8.3×7.9×13.2inch
External Size: 10.6×13.0x15.9inch

Product characteristics
1.This refrigeration/neat preservation dual-purpose bar fridge, using imported semiconductor refrigeration technology, can not only refrigerate, but also warm and hot, with quiet, non-CFC, low power consumption, high-efficient cooling and heating functions, long life, beautiful appearance, small size, portable convenient, is recognized as an environmental protection product in the world, and also a good helper for home tourism.
2.Using the new concept of PELTIER effect of space technology, there is no compressor bulky, noise and Freon pollution.
3.The service life of the product is as long as 85,000 hours of refrigeration pieces, 30,000 hours of life of direct current fan heat dissipation, thermal insulation to ensure the product’s service life, strong refrigeration capacity.

Product Features

  • 【Convenient Design & 20L Capacity】 20L mini fridge provides plenty of space to pack everyone’s favorite foods. Compact design with black mirror texture door of the fridge brings you extraordinary experience. 10.6*13*15.9inch external size makes it fit easily into car trunks & seats for bulk free travel.
  • 【Best Cooler & Warmer】 With one switch, this fridge can be switched from cooling to warming, . This fridge can not only refrigerate, but also warm and hot, dual-purpose bar fridge, suitable for medicine, skincare things, milk for baby, cold/hot drinks, fruits, meals etc.
  • 【LED Temperature Control Display】 LED digital display helps to control temperature precisely, touch the temperature button to make the temperature lower than the ambient temperature 20-25℃ or rise to the highest temperature about 65℃. Precise temperature control keeps food/comestics in good condition.
  • 【Free AC/AD Adapter】 This mini Refrigerator is equipped with AC and DC power adapter. Plug the device into a 12V (DC) adapter for a car cigarette, the fridge can be easily converted from an indoor 110V (AC) to a car. It can be used not only in dorms, offices, hotels, but also in cars.
  • 【Environment Friendly】 Unlike other home compressors, we adopt a new technology that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. With a fluorine-free design and energy-saving semiconductor structure, it is the best choice for environmentalists.