Commercial Rice Cooker, 10L Heavy Duty Electric 50 Cup Pressure Rice Cooker 2.8Kpa Gas Pressure Rice Cooker with Non-Stick Pan Suitable for Factories, Restaurants (US_Stock)

Gas type:Natural gas
Gas pressure:2.8Kpa
Rated capacity:10L
Thermal load:8KW
Ignition way:Pressure ignition
Gas tube: φ9.5mm inner diameter rubber hose
Boiled rice:8.5KG
MAX: for 50-60 people
Product Dimension:52.5*51*42.5cm
Product Weight:14kg

Package include
1 x Natural gas rice cooker
1 x Specialized rubber tube
1 x English manual

Using methods
1. For the first time you use the cooker,the hose is filled with air,please don’t put pot.Press the ignition button again and again,until flame appear;
2. For the first time you use the cooker,you can boil the water that washed rice in the pot,It can be sterilized ,after boiled it will be gray,not harmful;
3. Cooking rice:Turn on the gas source switch,press the ignition button gently,after fire is ignited,put the pot flatly,add proper quantity rice and water,confirm the fire has been ignited through observation,then press cooking button.About 26 minutes later,rice is well cooked and big fire will automatically close,small fire open to keep warm;
4. Keeping warm is finished,please push the keep-warming button to upper end,then turn off the gas source switch.If you don’t follow this order,there will be air come into the hose,lead to the difficulty of ignition for the next time you use the cooker;
5. If you cook other food,the main burner won’t close automatically,after use,you should turn off cooking button,warming button and then turn off gas source switch one by one;
6. When cooking food,the pressure need to be adjusted gas switch;
7. The bottom of pot is designed with wind door adjustment,moving it left or right to make the fire keep the best state

Product Features

  • ★1.Flame cooking,rice smells and tastes good,rice quality reaches the best state;
  • ★2.Adopt pressure ignition,powerful fire,takes only about 26 minutes to cook 8.5kg rice well;
  • ★3.Control the temperature automatically,big fire closes when rice is well cook,small fire opens to keep warm;
  • ★4.Safe and reliable.The rice cooker produced by our company,adopt Casting parts,nice in appearance and durable in use;
  • ★5.Large capacity,10L model can cook 8.5kg rice at one time;Worth the price.It’s more money-saving to cook rice than any other ways.And no trouble of power failure.