24 Inch Induction Cooktop, Stove Top Electric Cooktop, 4-Burner Electric Induction, Black Vitro Ceramic Smooth Surface Glass Gasland Chef, 220V Electric Induction Cooker, Timer & Safety Lock.

The HBHOB induction cooktop 24 inch combines the power of induction with the easy clean-up smooth surface to offer the utmost cooking experience. Contemporary design, optimal quality approval, covered by multiple protections and high the unit a good choice to try induction cooking and transform the way you live.

★Well demonstrated design for quality, reliability & safety Glass panel dimension:23.22”(W) x 20.47”(D) x 3.44″(H). Cut out dimension: 21.85″(W) x 19.09″(D). Depth clearance beneath the counter top surface, 5 inches. In case of replacement please check your original cut-out dimensions before purchase 4 burner★: 2 x1300W +2 x2000W (max, with Booster) Voltage Input: 220-240V/ 60Hz. 

★5 ft power cord. 

★This is a 220V AC input model. 

★Safety features include Child Safety Lock and Residual Heat Indicator. 

★Timer Function(Max: 99 minutes). 

★Item comes without plug, so customer can either hard wire it to 220-240V wall outlet, or reconfigure to any plug type of their choice. 


1.Only cookware with magnetic bottom works with induction cooktop. 

2.Good connection to earth wiring system is essential and mandatory. 


Product Features

  • EASY TO CLEAN -Enjoy minimal cleanup with stain and heat discoloration resistant spills can’t burn onto the surface, easy-to-clean vitro ceramic smooth surface glass will provide you with a reliable cooktop for years to come. smooth tempered glass surface allows for effortless cleanup, manufactured without the release of hazardous metals into the ground and withstands intense heat without cracking or chipping.
  • POWERFUL INDUCTION COOKTOP-The HBHOB induction cooktop is applied with 4 cooking burners, which coverts electricity into precise magnetic field, thus heat will be generated directly on the cookware itself. No flame or extra heat radiation, the electric cooktop ensures excellent fast heating performance and energy efficiency. Booster function saves time waiting when you do water boiling or stir fry.
  • SAFE INDUCTION COOKTOP- No flame or risk of gas leaking, comes with multiple safety protection: Child lock, Auto-pan detection, Over heating protection, Auto-switch off, Hot Surface Indicator and 1-99min Timer. Heat is generated directly on the cookware, so the surface remains cool, reducing risk of scald.
  • USER FRIENDLY COOKTOP-Comes with direct instruction manual and 60 Inch power cord fixed to the unit for easy installation, the induction stove top is fully covered by professional customer service. Please confirm if the induction cooker is suitable before purchasing: 2x1300W (max) 2x2000W (max), 220V~240V 50/60Hz, product size (WxDxH): 23.22” x 20.47” x 3.14”, cut out size (WxD):21.85′ x19.09”