Fashionclubs 4pcs Microwave Oven Repairing Part Mica Plates Sheets 13cm x 13cm

The Mica Plates Sheets are replacement sheets to use when your microwave oven is ‘arcing’ around or out of the chamber where the magnetron is located ( small square hole inside the wall of of your microwave oven – a small piece of mica paper covers this chamber ).

Your Original mica sheet will be burnt when a bit of food that splatters the inside of the microwave and left on that paper.

After a few heatings the food ignited and the paper burned from the food that is attached to it, creating a small hole in the mica paper,this paper will solve your problem well.

Buy this paper, carefully measure the location size in your microwave and cut down to fit in the spot. Most microwaves have a slot or groove of some sort where you position ‘tabs’ in this paper to fit depends on the brand.

These sheets are large enough to fit over any size microwave magnetron chamber.

Installation is pretty simple:

You pop out the old microwave sheet, get a pencil and trace the old shape onto the new plate sheet.

Then cut along that shape, and pop the new sheet in.

Product Features

  • Microwave Oven Repairing Part Mica Plates Sheets;
  • Mica Plate is mica paper with silicone resin by gluing temperature and pressed. As a kind of heat resisting and insulating product. It is widely used for home appliances such as electric hair-dryer, toaster, microwave oven, warmer etc;
  • Product Name : Microwave Oven Mica Plates;Material : Mica, Paper Size : 13 x 13cm / 5.1″ x 5.1″(L*W);
  • Notice:Easy to be cut into the size according to your own need, so it is suitable for most;
  • Package Content : 4 x Microwave Oven Mica Plates;