Garbage Disposal, TECCPO 1/2 HP Garbage Disposals 38 OZ. Capacity with Power Cord, Splash Guard, Disposal Flange, Stopper, Hex Wrench – TAGD01P

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TECCPO believes that sharpen your tool before achieving your project!
Any basic industrial products are inseparable from the support of tools. As
a result, TECCPO devotes themselves to combine technology and power
into tools to improve the quality of humans’ life.

✿ TECCPO Garbage Disposal — TAGD01P ✿

— Still taking out the garbage every day?
— Smelling awful from the trash can?
— Clogged drain?

TECCPO 1/2 HP garbage disposals solve all these problems and help to
make kitchen cleanup fast so you get back to do the things you love.
With a TECCPO disposal, you’ll have a cleaner, fresher kitchen & more
time to enjoy life.


TECCPO disposals are engineered with advanced closed mute technology
that help them make far less noise from 40-85 decibels. It’s possible with
TECCPO to carry on a quiet conversation while running it.


An upgraded multi-grind system is used to thoroughly grind food into a
granular form within 15 seconds.Even tough waste like corn husks, bones
and melon rinds are easily whisked away.


TECCPO disposals are compatible with the dishwasher and activated by
an air switch. Press the air switch gently, the disposal quickly grinds food
waste continuously as it runs. To fully enjoy cooking at home!

✿ Specifications ✿

➤ Voltage: 120V
➤ Amperage capacity: 6.8A
➤ Rotation rate: 1780RPM
➤ Capacity: 38 oz.
➤ Disposer dimension: 7.28 x 7.28 x 11.81 inches

Start a new day with a cleaner, fresher kitchen.

Get your TECCPO disposal for your next cook !

Product Features

  • HIGH-SPEED & DURABLE MOTOR ▶ 1/2HP, 120V fine copper motor delivers 1780 revolutions per minute ,which guarantees 150% more efficient than normal disposals; 38 OZ. XL capacity delivers the ultimate competitive advantage above any other disposals, appropriate for a family from 3-6 persons.
  • FAST and EZ MOUNT ▶ Twist- and- lock design provides a fast and easy way to install or replace your disposal within 10 mins. Plus, all the necessary hardware is provided and compatible , including a 25.6 inches power cord, splash guard , flange, stopper, hex wrench, etc. Saving shoppers an extra trip to the store.
  • NON-BLADE & DOUBLE-GRIND TECHNOLOGY ▶ Two 430 stainless steel casting pendulum hammers and grinding teeth are uniquely designed in stain-steel grinding house, ensuring fully safety of your families. Double-grind tech is used to thoroughly grind all foods into a granular form within 15 seconds.
  • LESS JAM & BETTER MUTE ▶ The disposal will be automatically shut off in the case of a malfunction. Just rotate the basal hole by hex wrench and press the manual reset button, easy to repair. Our disposals are engineered with advanced closed mute technology that help them make far less noise from 20-60 decibels.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE ▶ TECCPO household disposal is perfect for all food wastes like bones, seafood, shrimp and crab shell. TECCPO offers 5-years satisfaction warranty. If you have any questions,please contact us : 📧