Handheld Vacuum,ROTEK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Rechargeable Portable Handheld Mini Vacuum, Easy to Clean Keyboard, Computer, Car, Sofa, Gap

Function Description:
1. Power on/off: Press the on/off button.
2. Nozzle: Tow different straws.
3.Filter cleaning replacement, after dry to cycle use.
4. Routine maintenance: The filter is detachable and washable, cleaning by water, natural dry to cycle use.
5.Charging indicator light status:
The red light flashing quickly means the power is off; flashing slowly means is charging.
The red light not flashing means full of charging and is on the working statu.
(Fully recharge is just about 4 hours)

Main usage :
Keyboard cleaning
Car health cleaning
Sofa cleaning
Gap cleaning
Pet cleaning

Safety and notice :
1.Turns off the device when you remove or install the filter.
2. It should be cleaned in time when there is obvious dust on the filter, suggest to clean it at least once time in a month.
3. Do not use device without installation the filter.
4.Do not use the damaged filter.
5.Avoid rain, approaching high temperature objects, direct exposure under the strong sun.
6. This product can not be touch to liquids.
7. Avoid the sharp objects and the hot object(for example: glass, carbon fire )are drawn into the device.
8. Forbid the non-professionals to maintain and any modified circuit.

Trouble shooting:
(Turn off the power before troubleshooting)
1.If suction is getting weak and comes with unusual sound, the motor may be over heating, please takeoff the power switch and check whether the filter is normal.
2. If the suction is getting weak, please check whetherthe device is blocked or the filter is full of dirt.
3. If the motor don’t work, please check whether the power switch is on or no power.

Main Technical Parameters:
Product Name: Portable Vacuum Cleaner
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Lithium Battery: 2000mAhx2
Charging current: 1500mA
Net Weight: 392g
Rated power: 35W
Size: 66×66

Product Features

  • Portable Vacuum Cleaner: The car vacuum cleaner high power cordless, equipped with 2 different nozzles to meet all cleaning needs. Unique hook design, it can hang anywhere and does not occupy a lot of space.
  • Fast & Safe Charging System: 3 seconds to power on the hand held vacuum cordless. Fully charged in 3 hours, containing 2000mah battery, sustainable use for more than 20 minutes. Easy to use USB interface charging, suitable for a variety of charging methods, you can use laptop mobile power, can be charged at any time.
  • Removable & Washable Vacuum Filter: The hand vacuum filter can be taken out and is water washable. Using tip: If the vacuum filter is full of dirt or suction weakens, please clean the filter in time to make sure the dust buster can work normally.
  • Portable handheld vacuum cleaner make the home or car has no dust and a new look.An excellent choice not only for both car and home cleaning (wet-dry double use), but also for other application scenarios, such as sofa cleaning, Cabinet cleaning, telephone cleaning, etc.
  • You Will Receive: 1xPacking box 1xInstruction manual, 1xQuick operation guide, 1xmini vacuum cleaner, 1xUSB Charge cable, 2x Special nozzles and ROTEK 12-month service.