Hover Cover Magnetic Microwave Splatter – Guard Plate Lid With Steam Vent Anti Spill Certified BPA Free EcoFriendly Material Fireproof Suitable Dishwasher 11.5 inch By WAKE ART


This microwave cover is different from other covers,it has magnet that will hover on the roof of your microwave.İn this way always ready to use.      The cover safe your microwave and food.  The cover keep your microwave clean.Just take down when it is done,lift  and let it hover on the roof of microwave.      The steam vents can prevent the liquid from splattering anywhere. Also the material PBA free.


Maximum working temperatures 300F(150°C)   You should not use this product for more than 10 minutes at a time in your microwave.  Ensure that the magnetic microwave splatter lid does not block the cooling vents or other components essential to the operation of the microwave.


Size: 11.8 inch(30cm) / 3.3 inch(8cm)         Weight: 0.35 lb   İt fits most plates and bowls.    İf you any question please feel free the contact us.

  Thank you for choosing us. 

                    WAKE ART

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY:Magnetic microwave steam lid is the new microwave splatter guard that uses microwave-safe, polymer-encased magnets that secure to the roof of your microwave, so it anti-sputtering to use.Keep your microwave clean.The cover made of high quality PP plastic material(the only plastic material that can be used for food heating), Lab tested and certified microwave cover BPA free.Eco- Friendly material.
  • USEFUL:This handy device need a stainless steel micro wave oven completely flat on top to work.Just take down when it is done,lift and let it hover on the roof of microwave. Please don’t forget it on top of the magnetic microwave cover when using the microwave. The built-in steam vents help heat food evenly and it stays in the microwave, ready for when you need to use it.
  • EASY TO CLEAN:Our microwave cover dishwasher safe is easy to clean with just soap or water or top rack in dishwasher.The microwave hover cover is high enough to not touch your food.
  • ADVANTAGES:More than magnetic microwave cover, you can put your snacks in it as a storage tray, also could cover your food prevent bug and rust in your kitchen. And it’s over your expectation with its multiple functions.Did you know you can save time and effort cleaning up as our food plate cover leaves your microwave without the mess and always clean?
  • WORRY FREE GUARANTEE:We work hard to create the safest and the best magnetic microwave cover on the market.Your satisfaction our greatest work. -WARNING- YOU SHOULD NOT USE MORE THAN 150°C AND MORE THAN 10 MINITUES IN YOUR MICROWAVE.