Juicer, Asmind Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Low Speed Juicer with Brush to Clean Extract Healthy Nutrition from Fruits and Vegetables Low Noise Gift Choice

Asmind is the Best Choice in Low-speed Juicer! At Asmind, we care about the well-being of our customers. Our goal is to provide products that promote a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. That is why our brand is transforming the juicer industry with juicing products that are innovative, high quality and affordable. Our one-of-a-kind Asmind Slow Juicer is guaranteed to be best-in-class! It’s innovative masticating technology retains flavor and ensures maximal preservation of vitamins and nutrients, up to 40% more than traditional centrifugal juicers. 60 RPM low-speed extraction prevents oxidation of important nutrients and enzymes, producing juice that is all-natural, refreshing and delicious. A 3″ (75 mm) feed chute flawlessly mixes large blends of fruits and vegetables, removing the need for prep work and giving you the freedom to create the perfect juice recipe. Unlike other products on the market, the juicer’s innovative dry pulp ejection system automatically expels pulp from the system, completely eliminating the hassle of clean-up.

Product Features

  • 🍊 LOW-SPEED MASTICATING TECHNOLOGY – A 60 RPM low-speed motor preserves flavor and prevents oxidation of important nutrients
  • 🍒 HIGH EXTRACTION EFFICIENCY – Maximizes juice extraction (up to 30% more than traditional juicers) and nutrient preservation (up to 40% more than traditional juicers); produces the driest pulp
  • 🍏 NATURAL, NOURISHING AND HEALTHY – Preserves all nutrients, vitamins and enzymes in their natural state, producing a nourishing and refreshing blend
  • 🍇EASY TO CLEAN AND USE – Prevents the hassle of clean-up through an innovative anti-drip design and pulp ejection system; has an automatic pre-clean function
  • 🍍 COMPLETELY SAFE – Stainless steel surface prevents chemical contamination; all materials used are BPA-free