Washing Machine Spring Expansion Tool Washer Inner & Outer Tub Removal Tool Solid Metal Extending Tool/Stretching Distance From 2″ to 5″, Replacement for LG and Samsung

●Washing Machine Inner/Outer Tub Spring Removal Tool is an essential tool for removing or installing inner and outer tub seal clamps on LG and Samsung washers as well as washers for other brands like Whirlpool.
●The stretching distance is from 2 to 4.3 inches.
●Metal design and coated handles make it very safe and flexible to use.
●Fixing washer machine by yourself within a few minutes is quite money and time saving than calling a repairman.
●Item weight: 4.7oz
●Item size:6.3 inch

Product Features

  • ★Design of increasing the stretching distance to 4.3″ while strength improved
  • ★Durable metal construction and red safety-coated grip handles
  • ★Zinc plated surface makes it not likely to rust, built-in spring makes it flexible to use
  • ★Specially for removing inner and outer tub seal clamps on LG, Samsung and other brand like Whrilpool
  • ★Refer to your user manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part