Kenmore 65212 Electric Dryer in White, includes delivery and hookup (Available in select cities only)

Designed to give your clothes the perfect dry, the Kenmore White 5.9 cu. ft. Electric Dryer w/ Flat Back Long Vent offers multiple cycles and temperatures for optimal drying conditions. If space is tight, this dryer’s flat back and long vent let you install it right up against the wall. SmartDry Plus technology delivers precision drying by measuring moisture levels to adjust cycle time and heat. The Wrinkle Guard option helps keep wrinkles from setting into your clean clothes with intermittent tumbling after the dryer cycle ends. This ELECTRIC DRYER requires a 240V grounded 30 AMP electrical service/outlet within 3-feet of dryer location. If your home is not equipped with a 240V electrical outlet, you may have a gas supply line. Please confirm before ordering. Please confirm that you’ve selected the correct fuel type before completing purchase. Selecting the incorrect fuel type can delay delivery.

Product Features

  • The Kenmore White 5.9 cu. ft. Electric Dryer w/ Flat Back Long Vent comes with a large enough capacity to fit a family-sized load.
  • SmartDry Technology adjusts the heat to provide even drying. The WrinkleGuard option helps prevent wrinkles from setting in by tumbling clothes periodically for up to 150 minutes after the cycle is done. The Air Dry option takes it easy on delicate fabrics by tumbling clothes without heat.
  • The lint screen is easy to remove and clean. The one-handed design and smooth surface makes it possible to remove and clean this lint screen in one swift motion.
  • Reversible door
  • Interior light