Stove Counter Gap Cover KINDPMA 2 Pack Silicone Stove Gap Filler Cover Spill Guard Seals for Stove and Countertop Gap Space 21.3”L 2.2”W 0.4”H White

Are you confused by the many food residues in the gap between the countertop and the stove?

Do you want to say goodbye to insects and debris in these hard-to-reach gaps?

KINDPMA’s White Silicone Stove Counter Gap Cover will help you.

They are flexible can conforms to uneven gaps,like you have a counter that is higher than your stove, you can still use these gap fillers.

T-shaped design, more stable and doesn’t slip easily.

Make sure all edges of the strip are touching the appliance so any spilled liquids can’t find their way into the crack and run down the side of the stove.

Easy to maintain,wash them with a bit of dish soap to remove the grease splatters.

Package includes:
Dimensions: 21.3″L * 2.2″W * 0.4″H/ 54cm*5.6cm*1cm
2 x Silicon Gap Covers (White)

Product Features

  • ★ Heat resistant: Temperature range from -40 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and 230 degrees Celsius, but silicone spill guard needed to face the narrow side toward the burners and the wide side toward the counter tops, then covers are safe to use
  • ★ Flexible: Kitchen silicone stove counter gap covers are flexible and non-slip ,can freely adjust and cut to different use that make sure all edges of the strip are touching the appliance
  • ★ A Good Helper: The stove gap filler cover with a T-shaped design are great for home use.Fits most gaps between stove and counter perfectly,between washer and dryer,between desk and the computer stand ect
  • ★ Easy to Clean: The white silicone gap cover just using a bit a detergent to cleaning,which will help you to decrease the food debris in-between the cabinets and the stove
  • ★ Quality : These stove and countertop gap covers sizes 21.3″L * 2.2″W * 0.4″H are designed with premium food-grade silicone, it’s BPA free, non-toxic and the cover does not soften or twist