VaccuFlex® vacuum attachment

Vaccuflex is a rubber cap that attaches to vacuum hoses, enabling the use of small diameter, flexible tubing in order to vacuum areas that are otherwise unreachable. Kit contains 2 caps that fit 4 hose sizes (1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, 1 7/8″, 2 1/2″) ,and 4 pieces of vinyl tubing (2 feet of 5/8″ ID, 1 foot of 1/2″ ID, 1 foot of 3/8″ ID and 1 foot of 1/4″ ID). Each tube easily fits into the next largest tube. Also included is a 2 foot piece of 3/8″ polyethylene tubing – a rigid tube for greater control and longer reach.

Product Features

  • The ultimate vacuum attachment- recommended by the Queen of Clean
  • use to clean out condensate lines and p-traps, unclog sink drains (wet/dry)
  • reach into small openings such as window sills/tracks, chandeliers, dryer vents, around car seats
  • use to inflate/deflate air mattresses, pool rafts, balloons etc (wet/dry vacuum)
  • Cut and shape the tubing to fit angled surfaces such as return-air vents