AstroAI Mini Fridge Portable AC/DC Powered Cooler and Warmer 4 Liter/6 Can for Cars, Homes, Offices, and Dorms,Blue

One switch does it all: cool, heat, or just store. This portable two-way mini fridge is fully-insulated to keep things cool or hot even when the motor isn’t running. When you’re on the road, just flip the switch and start rolling! Leaving the office for the weekend? The eco-friendly semiconductor refrigeration chip is built to handle the consistent use.
Whether your cooling drinks on a road trip, keeping your lunch hot at the office, chilling medication at the hotel, or warming breast milk for your baby, this cooler/warmer covers every base.
Both a standard wall outlet and 12V cigarette lighter plug come standard with this portable mini fridge. Carry it from the office, to the car, to your hotel, and back with the integrated carrying handle that compliments its sleek, compact design.
Capacity4L Input voltageDC12Vcool mode: 40W warm mode: 32W AC110V (USA/CA/JP)cool mode: 48W warm mode: 40W AC110V (USA/CA/JP)cool mode: 48W warm mode: 40W Operating temperatureAmbient Temp – 32°F (0°C) Chill 150°F (66°C) Heat CertificationsCE, FCC, ETL, RoHS

Product Features

  • SWITCH FROM HEATING TO COOLING: Easily choose to chill up to 32°F (0°C) below ambient temperature, or keep warm up to 150°F (66°C),from 86°F (30°C) -64°F (18°C) within an hour, 86°F (30°C) -50°F (10°C) within 2 hours, 86°F (30°C)-37°F( 3°C) within 3 hours
  • MAXIMUM PORTABILITY: (Length)9.45 x(Width)6.89 x(Height)10.0 inches, Take this fully-insulated cooler/warmer from the house, on your road trip, and into the hotel room to keep medication at the right temperature; The convenient carry handle makes transporting what you need even easier! Stow it in any car, truck, or SUV or place it on or below your desk so your goods are always within reach
  • AC/DC ADAPTERS: Two plugs are included for both standard wall outlets and 12V cigarette lighters in vehicles, The mini fridge can store (6) 12 oz cans with ease; The removable shelf makes small items like yogurt, fruit, milk, or juice easy to separate
  • ECO-FRIENDLY ENGINEERING: Semiconductor refrigeration chip is freon-free and more environmentally friendly; Quiet technology keeps sound at a minimum, so you can rest easy
  • CE, FCC, ETL, RoHS certified; 3 Year Warranty provided by AstroAI – if you have any dissatisfaction with your product quality, please reach out to us immediately