GOODVAC Universal 25″ Long Flexible Crevice Tool with Detachable Brush for Dryer Lint, Under Furniture

25″ Flexible Crevice Tool with Detachable Brush Head by GoodVac.

Includes 1 x 25″ long crevice tool attachment plus 5″ long removable brush head

This crevice tool will help you to clean all the hard to reach places were no Crevice tool has gone before… perfect for cleaning dry vents, lint traps, ducts, vents, under furniture, under fridge and many other hard to reach areas.

This tool will fit all vacuums, that use 1 1/4″friction fit attachments.

Length: 25″
Width: 1 3/8″
Thickness: 1 3/8″

Fits Rainbow Model Numbers:
E2 Type 12 Black (Diamond)
E2 Blue (Platinum / Silver)
E2 Gold (Two Speed)
E2 Two Speed
E Series (E2 One Speed / E2 Gold One Speed)
SE Performance (SE PE)
D4 (D4c)

Fits Kirby Model Numbers:
Avalir (AV)
Sentria II (SE2, G10D)
Sentria (SE, G10)
Ultimate G Diamond Edition (UGD, UGDE, DE, G7D)
Ultimate G (UG, G7)
Generation 6 (G6)
Generation 5 (G5)
Generation 4 (G4)
Generation 5 (G5)

Product Features

  • One 25″ Flexible Crevice Tool with Brush by GoodVac
  • Fits 1.25″ (32mm) Friction Fit Vacuums, friction fit is where attachments slide on, no locking buttons or twist to lock, just slides on to fit.
  • Great for cleaning hard to reach areas like under the fridge, stove, vents, ducts, lint traps, corners and many more hard to reach areas.
  • Long and flexible, sturdy yet bendable, removable brush tip, designed and manufactured by GoodVac
  • Fits any vacuum that takes 1.25″ Friction fit attachments like Rainbow, Kirby, Sirena, Bissell and many more.