1317632 131763202 131763256 Washer Door Lock Latch Switch Assembly & 1317633 Door Strike for Frigidaire White-Westinghouse Crosley Electrolux GE Gibson Front Load Washer Replace 131763256 & 131763310

Compatible Brands:Designed for Electrolux Frigidaire Washer, also fit specific models of White-Westinghouse, Kenmore, Crosley, GE and Gibson.

Compatible Models


38712, 38802, 970L48022A0, ATF6000ES0, ATF8000FE0, ATFB6000ES0, ATFB7000EG0, BAFW3577KB0, BKFW3517KT1, BLTF2940ES0,BLTF6100FS0, CRTF1240AS0, CRTR9300AS0, CTF140ES0, DAFW3577KW0, FAFS4272LA0, FAFW3001LW0, FAFW4011LB0, FCCW2000LS0,FFFS5115PA0, FFFW4000QW0, FFFW5000QW0, FTF1240FS0, FTF2140ES0, FTF5000HS0, FTF630AS0, FTFB2940FE0, FTFB4000FS0, FTR630AS0,FWFB9100ES0, FWT425RHS0, FWT445GC, FWT645RHS0, FWT867GHQ0, FWTB59RGS0, FWTB8200DS0, FWTBB30DS0, FWTR425RHS0,FWTR549GG, FWTR645RHS0, FWTR865RHQ0, GCEH1642DS1, GLEH1642DS0, GLTF1040AS0, GLTF2070CS0, GLTF530DS0, GLTR1670AS0,GMT1670AS0, GSTF1670AS0, GSTR1670AS0, LAFW3511KB0, LAFW6000LW0, LEH1642DS0, LFW201EW0, LGH1642DS0, LTF1670DS0,LTF2140ES0, LTF530DS0, LTF6000ES0, LTF8000FE0, NGST127AQ0, PTF7012MW1, STF7000FS0, WTF330HS0, WTR430ES0, WTR1240AQ0, etc.

Kenmore:41724182300, 41729022890, 41739012890, 41740052990, 41740142000, 41740412700, 41741042000, 41741052000, 41741142000,

41742042100, 41742142100, 41743052200, 41744082500, 41744252500, 41747102700, 41748102700, 9703871220, 9703880220, etc.

Crosley:BTF1240ES0, BTF2140ES0, CFW2000FW0, CFW4000FW0, CFW5000FW0, CFWH7300RW0, CLCE900FW0, CLCG900FW0, etc.

GE:WCCH404, WPXH214, WSSH300, WSXH208 Series, etc.

Product Features

  • Brand New Washing Machine Door Lock Switch works for Electrolux,Tappan, Frigidaire, White-Westinghouse, also fit specific Kenmore Crosley, Gibson and GE models.
  • Package Include:This Suit Set include a 1317632 Door Lock Switch Assembly and a 1317633 Door Strike.
  • 1317632 Door Lock Switch 1317632 Door Lock Latch & Switch Assembly replaces part numbers: 4547033, 131269400, 131763200, 131763245, 131763255,131763256, 1531974, AH2367737, AP6285657, EA2367737, PS2367737, AP4455026, WH10X27534
  • 1317633 Door Strike Replaces part numbers: 1032664, 131763310, 131763330, AP3580441, PS890617, EAP890617, WH10X10004
  • Guarantee: Easy to replace by yourself according to relevant YouTube videos.YMD Parts providing 12 months worry-free warranty and friendly customer service for any quality problems