Hand Mixer Electric, 5 Speed Handheld Kitchen Mixer with Turbo Includes 2 Wider Beaters, 2 Dough Hooks, 1 Balloon Whisk and Storage Case (Black)

Hand Mixer features five speed and turbo settings to help you accomplish a variety of whipping, beating and mixing tasks. Furthermore, Stainless Steel Surface makes hand mixer be more simple and durable.
Here are 3 kinds of beaters to meet your different needs, along with a snap-on storage case, and you’ll get great use out of a single appliance that’s also easy to stow away when not in use.

Its 250W provides enough power to easily and quickly knead flour and butter into cookie dough or to mix cream cheese into rich icing.

1.The beaters, dough hooks and balloon whisk help you quickly become a home baker in no time. The Wider Beaters are much stronger and make mixing better.
2.With QuickBurst Button and 5-speed Control, you can get the most out of your baking and cooking needs without the hassle or mess.
Speed 1-2 ( 850 – 920 RPM ) for mixing dry ingredients with liquids
Speed 3-4 ( 1000 – 1180 RPM ) for mixing cake mixes, puddings or batters
Speed 5 ( 1250 RPM ) for whipping cream, egg whites or whole eggs.
3.Have powerful motors to convenient controls and comfortable handles. And the multihole design for quick cooling.
4.You can remove beaters easily and quickly with the touch of a button, and then clean them in the dishwasher.
5.Stainless Steel Surface to pair beautifully with any decor style your kitchen showcases. And the snap-on storage case help you stow away the attachments.

Turn the control knob to the right in position”1″ when you eject the beaters, dough hooks or balloon whisk.
After 5 minutes continuous use, allow a few minutes rest before next use.

Rated Power: 250W 60Hz
Rated Voltage: AC 120V
Product Size: 8.3″x3.2″x11″ (LxWxH)

Package Included
1 x Hand Mixer
2 x Beaters
2 x Dough Hooks
1 x Balloon Whisk
1 x Storage Case
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Hand mixer accommodates a variety of cooking needs with 2 wider beaters, 2 Dough Hooks and a Balloon Whisk
  • 250 Watts peak power and Five Speeds with Extra Turbo Button settings meet many kinds of your needs such as mixing cake mixes, whipping cream, eggs and more
  • Easily and quickly remove any accessory from the hand mixer electric with the single-handed press of a button. Snap-on storage case perfectly fits all the mixer, attachments and cord
  • Curved Handle A Built-in fan and multihole design for quick cooling. Ergonomic Grip Handle provides comfort while mixing. The mixer’s surface with stainless steel design is more durable
  • 5-Speed Hand Mixer 1 year warranty and vertical design. After using it, you can make the hand mixer stand on your desk