Kenmore Elite 41783 4.5 cu. ft. Smart Front-Load Washer with Accela Wash in Metallic Silver, includes delivery and hookup

Premium features and innovative technology combine for powerful cleaning and ultimate convenience with this Kenmore Elite Smart Front Loader. Customize, schedule, and monitor cycles from the Kenmore Smart App and Amazon Alexa voice controls whether home or away. After choosing a cycle, Smart Motion technology uses different wash motions ensuring just the right amount of cleaning power is applied whether washing rugged workwear or delicate lingerie. When time is of the essence, Accela Wash activates a fast and powerful wash sequence to clean the load in 29 minutes without sacrificing performance. For ground-in dirt and grass, Steam Treat attacks tough stains like syrup, coffee, juice and more with added benefit of sanitizing, reducing allergens, and lessening wrinkles. The convenient dispensing system delivers laundry, bleach, and/or fabric softener to the wash basket at just the right time in the cycle, so no reminders or special timing needed. This Energy Star-qualified washing machine features a durable stainless drum large enough to clean bedding, jackets, sleeping bags and other bulky items, eliminating trips to the laundromat or dry cleaner.

Product Features

  • Item includes room of choice delivery, unboxing, item hook-up (including required parts) and free optional haul-away at checkout.
  • Connect with the Kenmore Smart App and Amazon Alexa voice commands to customize, start, schedule, control, monitor, download 14 additional cycles, and receive alerts while home or away.
  • Large enough to wash a king-size comforter or 27 towels in a single load with 4.5 cu. ft. durable stainless steel tub.
  • Smart Motion technology custom combines 6 wash motions based on the cycle to properly clean with the right amount of care.
  • Premium cycles include Accela Wash which cleans a load in just 29 minutes without sacrificing cleaning quality, Sanitize which removes 99.9% of bacteria without bleach, and Steam Treat that penetrates deep stains without pretreating.
  • Stay Fresh option tumbles and circulates fresh air up to 19 hours after wash cycle ends to keep clothes and washer fresh.
  • Make it a perfect pair with Kenmore Elite Gas Dryer 91783 or Kenmore Elite Electric Dryer 81783. Matching Pedestals include Washer Pedestal 51973 and Drawer Pedestal 51123. Each sold separately.