Lint Holder Bin for Laundry Room by A.J.A. & More | Space Saving Waste Bin with Magnetic Strip for Dryer, Washer, or Wall Mount

A.J.A. & More Lint Bin is a sleek and modern alternative to collecting and storing the lint taken from your dryer. As the first product of its kind, it saves space, is functional, and makes a splendid decorative accent for your laundry room. Use its magnetic backing to attach it to your metal washer or dryer, or hang it on the wall for easy access. Keep your floor space free, by removing the need for a trash bin. You can use it to hold lint, dryer sheets, and any other laundry room waste. Then you can repurpose the fiber to make clay, line planters, or use it as mulch or compost. It’s made of lightweight plastic with a neutral beige color and measures 9.25″ W x 9.25 H x 2.75″ D

Product Features

  • ✔ ONE & ONLY: This A.J.A. & More Lint Bin is a genius waste and space-saving solution, and the very first of its kind! Its sleek design is specially designed to collect and store dryer lint and other laundry room debris, such as dryer sheets and more. You will not find any other product like it!
  • ✔ SPACE SAVER: This durable plastic lint bin has a super strong magnetic backing that can be directly attached to the side of your metal washing machine or dryer. Or, you can use its built-in keyhole hanger to easily mount it to the wall. Hardware not included.
  • ✔ SLEEK DESIGN: Take your laundry room décor up a notch with the bin’s sleek, modern design. Its neutral beige color goes seamlessly with any color scheme. “Lint Bin” is elegantly printed in script font. The sign says it all!
  • ✔ REPURPOSE YOUR LINT: Did you know that there are many things you can reuse dryer lint for? You can make clay out of it for the kids, make paper mache, line planters with it, add it to handmade paper, make fire starters, and use the natural fibers for mulch/compost.
  • ✔ CLEAR THE WAY: This lint bin replaces the need to keep a trash can on your laundry room floor. Use this space-saving, environmentally friendly waste solution instead. Overall size is 9.25″ wide x 9.25″ high x 2.75″ deep. Bin is 2mm thick, and magnetic backing is 6.25″ wide x 5.5″ long.