Lint Vacuum Hose Attachment Remove Lint from Dryer Vent Clean Up Narrow Space Avoid Potential Danger of Fire Flexible Vacuum Hose Dryer Lint Attachment Tool

Fighting with your vacuum to reach inside your dryer vent is a futile task. Even tapered vacuum attachments only go so far.
Now you can reach deep inside your dryer vent and suck up years of built-up dryer lint! It’s the easiest way to power clean your dryer. A clogged dryer works harder.
That can lead to costly dryer repair — or worse, a deadly vent fire. Send that lint packing right to your vacuum bag.

Deep cleans.
Since our vacuum hose is approximately 3.5-feet long, you can deep clean those dryer vents. Get deep inside the vent and the exhaust hose to suck up years of built-up lint.
Use outdoors to suck out trapped lint frsom your exterior dryer vent. You can see everything sucked out through the clear hose! Deep cleaning your dryer vent is much easier.
Work into your cleaning routine once a week for healthy dryer maintenance.

Clogged dryer vents make a dryer work harder. Use vacuum hose attachment and speed drying times by up to 15-minutes and prevent excess wear on your machine.

Color: Blue
Assembled Product Weight: 0.87 pounds
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.00 x 9.00 x 9.00 Inch

Product Features

  • Long & Flexible, this washer and dryer lint vacuum hose is 3.5 FT long, and very flexible, it can reach any narrow space where lint is, and clean it up to prevent vent fires.
  • Strengthen Suction & Effective Cleaning, the vacuum hose attachment can increase the suction of your vacuum cleaner due to Venturi Effect, and remove lint from your dryer effectively.
  • A Must for Regular Houseclean, this lint vacuum hose attachment is really a useful helper for more situations while cleaning your house regular, such as under sofas, behand wardrobe, under the bed, vent and more narrow spaces.
  • Vacuum Suction Control, the lint vacuum hose comes with a suction adapter that switch between 3 suction control settings to best suit your cleaning needs.
  • Easy Installation & Works With all vacuum cleaners accept round hose attachments