Microwave Grease Filter WB6X486 Replacement For Many GE Microwaves (2-Pack)

This filter Part # WB6X486 Replacement is a microwave filter that helps air to circulate, reduces airborne pollutants and smoke. This aluminum mesh grease filter replaces General Electric part numbers WB06X10125. The GE range grease filter works on range hoods, as well as over-the-range microwaves. The aluminum frame and mesh traps grease, For optimum performance of your microwave or range hood fan, change your grease filter once a year or when a loss of air flow is detected. This filter is commonly found on General Electric, Hotpoint and Kenmore/Sears brands. The GE Over the Range Microwave and Hood Grease Filter works with many of the GE models such as: General Electric JVM131G02, General Electric JVM1330BW04, General Electric JVM1330WW01 and General Electric JVM1330WW03.

Product Features

  • This microwave filter Part # WB6X486 is made with aluminum mesh and will replace old, worn filters on many GE model microwaves.
  • Microwaved foods often generate grease within the appliance. That said, range hoods and over-the-range microwaves are commonly equipped with grease filters that trap grease, smoke and other pollutants and circulate out clean air.
  • This microwave filter (WB6X486) has a metal pull D-ring tab attached that makes replacing the filter simple
  • This grease filter replacement measures 9″ x 7 3/4″ x 3/32″
  • Please ensure the above dimensions match your existing filter before purchasing this oven filter. Also make sure your microwave does not require two filters, as some do