Microwave Plate Replacement, 12.5-inch Diameter Turntable Microwave Plate, Replacement Glass Tray, Durable Glass Dish for Microwave Oven, 0.9-inch Thick Microwave Glass Turntable Plate

California Home Goods is a homegrown brand that’s committed to providing you smart and reasonably-priced essentials that’ll make your everyday lives easier. We know that most small accidents happen at home. And as much as we all hate it, there are some mishaps that we simply can’t do anything about–like a lost sock or broken china. But one thing we know for sure: once you accidentally broke your rotating microwave plate, you don’t have to go through the hassle of scouring for the exact same glass plates from your microwave oven brand because the CHG Replacement Microwave Turntable Plate is here to make your precious microwave oven useable again!

The glass microwave turn plate measures 12.5 inches in diameter and is 0.9-inch thick Though considered as a generic microwave glass plate, we made sure that our microwave dish replacement is made only from high-quality clear glass Our durable turntable microwave plate universal is compatible with a wide range of top-selling microwave brands like Samsung, GE, Hotpoint, and more Many replacement microwave plate turntables can cost nearly half of the cost of a new microwave oven, but our glass microwave plate replacement has a pricetag that won’t hurt your wallets Our 12 inch microwave turntable plate is sturdy, robust, and made to last for many generations This microwave glass turntable dish is an aftermarket part but has the same quality as branded original microwave glass plates

See if our replacement glass plate for microwave ovens will fit yours by checking if your bushing coupler (the centerpiece that turns the plate) has 3 notches then measure the if it will fit a 12.5″ small microwave plate.

So if your microwave turntable glass gets broken, don’t fret coz you’ll be able to use your microwave oven again in no time, without even thinking about your budget. Add our glass replacement microwave turn table plate to your cart now!

Product Features

  • THE PERFECT GLASS TURNTABLE PLATE TO MAKE YOUR MICROWAVE USEFUL AGAIN: There’s no way you can safely use your microwave oven if its original microwave oven plate is lost or broken. And because we know that contacting the manufacturer and looking for the exact same original oven cooking tray glass is such a hassle, we’re here to give you what you need. Our glass microwave turntable plate is the ideal and most convenient replacement you could get so you’ll be able to use your oven again.
  • ONE MICROWAVE OVEN GLASS PLATE COMPATIBLE WITH MULTIPLE BRANDS & MODELS: The California Home Goods microwave replacement glass dish measures 12.5 inches in diameter and has 3 notches underneath that fit a 3-part bushing coupler or centerpiece (the one turning the glass plate). Though a replacement microwave dish, this small microwave tray fits into most makes and models of compact microwave ovens like those of Samsung, GE, Hot Point, Frigidaire, and more.
  • REPLACEMENT MICROWAVE GLASS PLATE YOU CAN BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Here at California Home Goods, we value your convenience and satisfaction more than anything. And while we stand by the quality of our microwave replacement plates, we want you to know that if ever you’re disappointed with your purchase, we’ll do everything to improve your overall experience with a replacement or a money-back.
  • AMAZING VALUE FOR A RELIABLE MICROWAVE REPLACEMENT TURNTABLE PLATE: Getting original microwave oven parts are not just hard-to-find they’re even expensive too. Authentic microwave turntable trays can cost as much as almost-half the price of a brand new microwave oven. So at a price like this, plus how so convenient it is, you’ll definitely get more value for your money when you get our very own microwave replacement tray.
  • DURABLE ROTATING MICROWAVE PLATE YOU CAN USE FOR YEARS: Our microwave glass plates are only made from 0.9-inch thick top-notch glass material to make sure you can use and reuse it many times over. The textured side of the glass replacement microwave tray helps in avoiding slippage while cleaning or washing it. Rest assured, you can rely on our microwave rotating plate to keep making your oven as useful as it was before.