Multi-Functional Adjustable Movable Base for Washer, Dryer, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Range, Wall Oven, with 4 Ajustable Lifting Feet. 18-24 inch

Multi-Functional Adjustable Base for Washer, Dryer, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Range, Wall Oven, with 4 ajustable Lifting Feet.

Anti-vibration, Reduce noise, Easy to clean.

Made of Stainless Steel and High Strenth PP Plastic

Lenth: 48-62cm / 18.9-24.4inch
Wide: 45-58cm / 17.7-23.2inch
Height: 8-12cm / 3-4.8inch.

Max Loading Weight: 250kg/550lb.

It comes with adjustable lifting feet to keep your appliances on uneven ground, effectively reducing the vibration of the washing machine at work.
It solves the difficult problem of cleaning the bottom of heavy equipment rather than moving it in the cleaning process.
It effectively avoids the bottom being eroded or rusted in contact with moist ground in wet environments.
So it can improve the service life of home appliances.

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Product Features

  • [Overview] Multi-Functional Adjustable Base for various Appliances. Small movable base protect large appliances.
  • [Anti-Vibration & Extend Machine Life] Large Appliances can Run Safely, Smoothly and Steady on the Base. Reduce Vibration and Noise. Keep the Bottom Ventilated and Dry. Easy to Clean.
  • [Wide Applicability] Can be used for Washer, Dryer, Air Conditioner, Portable AC, Refrigerator, Range, Oven, Trunk, Big Flower Pot, etc.
  • [Easy to Install] Only takes a few minutes to install, just a Phillips screwdriver needed.
  • [Buy with Confidence] Well-designed for large appliances. Made of high strength PP Plastic & Stainless Steel. Max Loading Weight: 250kg or 550 pounds,