Power Pressure Cooker Extra Large 10 Quarts – As Seen On TV Multi Cooker 9-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker. Pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, rice cooker, yogurt, steam (Model WAL4)

This Power Cooker 10-qt appliance is a versatile tool for your kitchen. It comes with a sleek black finish that is modern and stylish and is available in several sizes, so you can get the one that best fits your available space and cooking needs. This infusion cooker is truly a time-saving device with the ability to cook frozen food in just 20 minutes. With its flavor infusion technology, this handy electric pot delivers a slow-cooked taste in minutes and retains moisture, nutrients and vitamins so food is delicious and fresh-tasting. The automatic keep-warm function lets you put your food in whenever you want and leave it until you’re ready to eat. The kitchen pressure cooker is ideal for busy families because preparation can be done in the morning, and dinner is ready when everyone gets home. It has built-in safety features, making it a reliable appliance that works well when you’re away. Make steamed rice that is fluffy and light in this handy pot. The appliance has a feature for adjusting the pressure of the cooking cycle so your recipes turn out just right.The dishwasher-safe bowl is easy to maintain, and cleaning is a breeze. This 10-qt Power Cooker is fully automatic and has an easy-to-read LED display.

Product Features

  • Power Cooker comes with flavor infusion technology Built-in safety features
  • Kitchen pressure cooker is fully automated Retains moisture, nutrients and vitamins
  • Automatic keep-warm function Dishwasher-safe cooking pot
  • Saves energy and time Frozen to done in 20 minutes
  • Slow-cooked flavor in minutes