Siwdoy 285785 Washer Clutch Kit and 285753A Motor Coupling Kit for Whirlpool & Kenmore Washer 285331, 3351342, 3946794, 3951311, AP3094537

285785 washer clutch assembly is found in your washing machine and is responsible for spinning the basket during the spin cycle.A worn-down clutch can lead to a slower spin which can lead to the machine not draining properly, leaving your clothes wet after a cycle.If you notice a burning smell, or the machine shaking and moving more than normal, this could indicate the need to replace your clutch.This clutch assembly comes with a brake cam driver, blue springs for large capacity washers, and a dark spring for compact washers.As per the factory, the blue spring (1.24 inches) replaces the dark spring (1.46 inches).This repair requires a half inch 1/16th socket with an extension and a ratchet, a pair of channel lock pliers, a Phillips screwdriver, medium size flat blade, a small flat blade, and a 1/4 inch nut driver.
Replaces part numbers: 2670, 285331, 285380, 285422, 285540, 285761, 285785, 285785VP, 3350015, 3350114, 3350115, 3351342, 3351343, 387888, 388948, 388949, 3946794, 3946847, 3951311, 3951312, 62699, 63174, 63765, 64176, AP3094537.

285753A motor coupling, also known as a coupling kit, is a newer version of the part and is used in your washer. The piece includes new metal sleeves that have been added in order to strengthen the part. This part works between the transmission and the motor; it is only used on direct drive washers with no belt. In order to replace this part, you will need a flat blade screw driver, a quarter inch nut driver, and a Phillips screw driver. Before making this repair remember to disconnect the power supply, and both fill hoses.
The 285753A motor coupling replacement kit is for direct drive washing machine

Package list:
285785 Washer Clutch Kit
285753A Washer Motor Coupler Kit with Metal Reinforced Core

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Product Features

  • Package includes 285785 clutch kit, 285753A washer motor coupler kit with metal reinforced core
  • 285785 washer clutch kit replaces part numbers: 285331, 3351342, 3946794, 3951311, AP3094537, 3350115
  • 285753a motor coupler replaces part numbers: 285753, 1195967, 280152, 285140, 285743, 3352470, 3363664, 3364002, 3364003, 62672, 62693, 661560, 80008, 8559748, AH1485646, EA1485646, PS1485646.
  • Non original aftermarket part. Fits OEM Standards! Guaranteed to Exceed OEM Requirements!
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – For any reason you’re not completely satisfied, you can ask for a replacement or full refund, no questions asked.