Topmin Cooktop944 Portable Cooktop Induction Cooker + Ceramic Furnace 2200W Electric Stove with Kids Safety Lock, 9 Power Levels Suitable for All Cookware, 29.5 x 29.5 x 5, Black

Built-in timer> This cooktop includes a built-in timer that goes up to 180 minutes and that shuts off automatically to reduce the risk of overcooking or burning food. overheating protection> when the internal temperature of the induction cooktop exceeds your selected temperature, it will automatically stop working. appropriate cookware> -material: metal, ferromagnetic stainless steel or cast iron
-shape: Flat bottom with a diameter of 5-10 inches
inappropriate cookware -material: Non-Metallic, non-ferromagnetic, ceramic, glass, aluminum or Brass
-shape: bottom not Flat or too bumpy, or bottom diameter smaller than 4.7 inches> Technical specifications Voltage: 120v
Frequency: 60Hz
material: PP/abs
power: 2200w
temperature range: 150-450°f/60-240°c
power cable length: 4.9Ft
size: 15 x 26.7 x 3 inches> weight: 22lb> timer: 3 hours. error codes and explanations
E0: no POT E1: low voltage E2: high voltage> E3: dry heating/on temperature short
E4: on temperature circuit
E5: “IGBT” Over temperature/ temperature probe short circuit
E6: ‘’IGBT” Temperature probe open
E7: big loop open/ stop vibration

we are sorry that our manual may have been wrong, causing the customer to have an E0 failure during use. Now we have to re-update the solution and hope to help everyone. The reasons why E0 may occur are: no pots detected> the bottom diameter of the pot is not within the scope of a> pot bottom deformation
pot with low magnetic content
solution: put on the Pot
replace the diameter of the pot with the standard> replace the flat Pot
replace the pot with magnetic> The reason why one burner can’t be opened may be that the child lock button is pressed, just press and hold the child lock button for 3 seconds to unlock.

Product Features

  • 【Sensor touch induction cooktop】digital LED sensor-touch control panel, sensitive to touch and easy to operate. With ultra-thin design, it’s lightweight and portable for easy handling and storage.Perfect for single, fit in the tiniest Studio kitchens, RV, apartment.Also uses 120 volts, 15 amp of electricity-standard in all North American homes.
  • 【Right side electric ceramic furnace】the principle of infrared heating technology is used in the heating of electric ceramic furnace. The nickel chromium wire of the Hearth plate produces heat, and when it produces heat, It emits infrared Ray. Heat will be transmitted directly to the furnace surface, thus heating the furnace. Therefore, the electric pottery stove can be applied to any cookware.
  • 【Timer and safety lock】built-in countdown digital timer, 10 minutes incremental to 180 minutes, or 1 minute decreases; touch lock function can protect children and animals mistakenly touch, to ensure their safety. Press the child lock key for three seconds to unlock it.
  • 【Multiple safety Protection】The circuit design of induction cooktop to offer multiples safety protections. Most importantly, the Induction cooktop can auto shutoff if no actions. Also, there is a built-in diagnostic error message system to help you resolve the issues. Meanwhile, adopts fireproof plastic and polished crystal plate surface to keep you and your children safer when cooking at home.
  • 【Left side induction cooker】the induction cooktop is based on the principle of magnetic field induction eddy current heating. It uses electric current to generate magnetic field through coils. When the magnetic force in the magnetic field passes through the bottom of the iron-containing pot, numerous small eddies will be generated, which will make the pot itself heat at high speed, and then heat The food in the pot. High heating efficiency, but only for pots with magnetic properties.