WeChef Garbage Disposal with Power Cord for Kitchen Waste Operation Continuous Feed 1 HP 2600 RPM Disposer Black

This 1 HP Compact Garbage Disposer is a simple solution to your family’s food waste issues. It has a high- speed of 2600RPM, which is powered by a vortex permanent magnet motor. This garbage disposer can quickly and easily get rid of all your family’s food waste. It is safe for most standard- size septic tanks.


– Type: Plug In Machine
– Overall Dimensions: 14 15/16″ x 8 11/16″ x 8 11/16″
– Voltage: 110V
– Power: 1HP
– Frequency: 60Hz
– Motor Speed: 2600 RPM
– Processor Body Capacity: 1 L
– Color:Black


– Fast and easy mount system provides a no- hassle installation
– High- speed 2600 RPM permanent magnet motor produces more power per pound
– Positive seal stopper, removable splash baffler and ABS waste elbow
– Removable splash baffler aids in the internal inspection
– Splash guard can be removed easily and cleaned
– Permanently lubricated, sleeve- type bearings
– Turn on and off with the air switch connect to most standard-size septic tanks for eco-friendly use
– Suppose the processor runs 5 minutes for each time, 3 times a day, its life cycle is more than 10 years

Package Contents:

– 1x Garbage Disposer w/ Plug
– 1x Air Switch Button
– 1x Elbow Tube
– 1x Sewage Lid
– 1x Rod
– 1x Manual
– 2x Pipes

Product Features

  • High-speed motor power: 1HP, 2600 RPM, quickly and powerfully grinds food scraps
  • Lighter weight for easier installation, Fast-Easy mount system provides a no-hassle installation
  • Easy to clean, splash guard can be removed easily for cleanning or internal inspection
  • Overall Dimensions: 14 15/16″ x 8 11/16″ x 8 11/16″, Voltage: 110V, Frequency: 60Hz, Processor Body Capacity: 1 L
  • Durable garbage disposal cleaner is great for kitchen even commerical use