2-Pack of Presto Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring/Gasket & Overpressure Plug (2 Sets per Pack) – Fits Various 6-Quart Presto Models – Corresponds to 09936 – By IMPRESA

Installation instructions: 1) Remove the used sealing ring and overpressure plug. 2) Thoroughly clean the sealing ring grove and overpressure plug hole, making sure they are free of food and foreign material. 3) Wash the new sealing ring and overpressure plug in warm soapy water, then dry thoroughly. Install the sealing ring by working it into the cover one small section at a a time until fully in-place. Be sure to fit under the stop tab and lock pin, located on the inside rim of the cover. It may help to work top to bottom, then left to right. You may also use a very light coating of cooking oil on the underside of the body lugs and sealing ring to make the cover easier to open and close. 4) Install the overpressure plug, pushing the road side of the plug (marked “TOP”) into the opening from the underside of the cover. The indented portion of the plug will be visible from the underside of the cover. 5) When putting the cover on the pressure cooker body, press one hand down on the area opposite the handle. This will help compress the sealing ring and make the cover lock in place. Open and close the cover several times to ensure that the ring is fully situated. Part of a full complement of Presto pressure cooker parts / Presto pressure parts and Presto pressure cooker accessories. In order to have a seamless experience, keeping spare Presto pressure cooker gaskets on hand is highly useful, cutting back on downtime when the gaskets need replacement. Great replacement for Presto gasket / Presto sealing ring 09936 / Presto 09936 / Presto 09936 sealing ring. Please contact us if you have any fit issues or questions.

Product Features

  • Perfect upgrade or replacement for your Presto pressure cooker sealing ring and Presto overpressure plug when deformation is present or when they become hard or inflexible, per Presto instructions
  • Our pressure cooker gaskets are made from high-quality, durable, food-grade silicone. Replacement for Presto Parts 09936, 09904 and 50295
  • Fits various 6 quart models, including standard (0126002, 0135001-0135004, 0136001, 0136102, 0136304, 0136403, 01/PS6), aluminum (0126407, 0126408, 0126410), stainless steel (0136203, 0136206, 0136210) and electric stainless steel (0216001)
  • Outer Diameter 9.5in, Inner Diameter 8.5” Dishwasher safe. Note: This is an aftermarket replacement product meeting or exceeding the quality of OEM sealing rings (based on in-house testing). Not for use with other pressure cooker brands, only with Presto models listed above