Anti Vibration Pads Set of 4 – Washing Machine stand – Washer antivibration Pad – Dryer Appliance Shock Absorber – Vibrasion Stabilizer Feet – Washpuck Foot Viberation Walk Silent Leveling Vibrate Leg

The perfect solution for your noisy, vibrating, and walking washer and dryer! Creating products that better people’s lives is our goal!


Our foot pads are at a quality and guarantee that is unmatched by our competing products:


Made with high quality neoprene synthetic rubber that is guaranteed to last Some rubbers can become brittle after years of use, our foot pads will stand the test of time Competitors foot pads can also have a harsh odor from their manufacturing processes, whereas our products are guaranteed to have little to no odor Installation is quick and easy! Safely lift each washer/dryer foot off the ground and place the foot pads under the feet We have a %100 money back guarantee and lifetime warranty because customer satisfaction our number one priority


Solve your noisy, vibrating, and walking washer and dryer! Click “Add to Cart” and order yours today!

Product Features

  • ✔️ YOUR PERFECT WASHER DRYER VIBRATION SOLUTION – Our high-quality vibration dampening design is your perfect solution to your vibrating, walking washer and dryers.
  • ✔️ HIGH QUALITY – Our foot pads our made of the highest quality neoprene synthetic rubber which is strong, while soaking up harsh vibration. This rubber is also very sticky to ensure that your washer and dryer stay in place.
  • ✔️ FANTASTIC COST SAVINGS – Reducing the vibration of your washer and dryer can actually save you money by reducing wear and tear on your washer and dryers hard parts, electronics as well as reducing wear and tear on your floor.
  • ✔️ %100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We have a %100 money back guarantee on all our products at MDR Tool Company. If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason send it back and we’ll happily refund your money.
  • ✔️ LIFETIME WARANTY – Our product can stand up to anything your washer and dryer can throw at it including high heat and harsh chemicals but if our product fails for any reason we’ll happily replace them at our cost.