KASYDoFF Clothes Dryer Portable 3-Tier Foldable Clothes Drying Rack Energy Saving (Anion) 1.7 Meters Clothing Dryers Digital Automatic Timer with Remote Control for Apartment House

★HOW TO INSTALL VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/zfO4uANTk7U
★British/European Clothes Dryer Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07MBCDRQD

◇Cloudy/Wet day, a series of clothes are hard to dry?
◇The bad air made the clothes dirty?
◇Living in an Apartment, Dorm, Camper or even a small area room?
◇The height/space of the clothing dryer rack is not enough?
◇You feel the clothes dryer machine occupy space?
The Kasydoff new generation of clothes dryers to help you solve all the dry clothes problems.
◆Foldable and Easy to Store and save space, 1.7meters rack can hang taller and larger clothes.
◆The top tier can be assembled as the middle tier
◆Dacron Waterproof Cover
◆Two Modes : Quick dry and Efficient Mode
◆FREE Wireless Remote Control can operate more than 4 meters.
◆The compact size of this clothes dryer is great for dorms, apartments, condos, motor homes, RV’s, camping and more.
◎Warm prompt :
●Drying time may depends on how many clothes you put inside the dryer. Additional time is needed when the clothes not totally dry.
●We additionally provide 1 long steel pipe,1 remote control, 1 castor,1 fixed mount as a spare part for you.
○Voltage: 120V,60Hz
○Protection grade: IPX1
○General Dimensions:67 x 28 x 20 In,Voltage: 120 Volts, Capability: 15 KG, Energy: 1000 W, Timer : 0-240 min

Thank you for choosing this Intelligent anion dryer for clothes.
Your satisfaction is very important to us. We provide each customer with a full range of after-sales service to give them the highest satisfaction.
If you are not satisfied with our product, please let us know and we will, within 24 hours, help you to solve it.

Product Features

  • Large Capacity and 3-Tier Foldable – The new 3-tier design and stainless steel allows for up to 15kg of clothing to be in the portable dryer at one time.When the dryer is not in use, it can be folded without disassembly.
  • Easy Drying and Satisfactory Results – The clothes will not wrinkle because of the clothes can be hung on cloth cover dryer rack and simply hanging. 12 towel bars can be used to hang towels and socks. The quiet dry clothes process keeps you away from the noise.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control – The temperature is controlled between 50 and 70 degrees, with abnormal shutdown function.Totally get rid of overheating coincidence and Fire Retardant Materials.
  • Intelligent Wireless Remote Control – Intelligent touch screen control, wireless remote control can make the elderly, pregnant women to avoid the trouble.
  • Anion Sterilize Electric Dryer – Anion sanitizing clothes Dryers which is helping the dryer blank the clothes save you inflicting mildew spores, pollen, odors, micro organism, viruses, Mud and different risky airborne debris.