Kismile Compact Refrigerator, 2 Door Refrigerator and Freezer, Dorm or Apartment, 3.3 cu ft, Black

Product Features

  • Refrigerator performance: Unit dimension is 20.08”×19.09”×33.46” and 3.3cu.ft Capacity. The compartment is designed for the long-term storage of frozen food to make your food storage perfect, stays healthy and delicious. The compressor type is reciprocal, which means that it works well regardless of the external and internal temperatures.
  • Refrigerator appearance: 2 Door Configuration – Top Door for Freezer and bottom Door for Fridge so it offers ample storage space. Recessed door handle makes it easy for you to pick things up and perfect rounded corner so never get hurt by sharp corner.
  • Modern and classic design: The refrigerator is fully black in design that gives the room a sense of mystery everywhere. It is easy for daily cleaning and perfect for your college dorm room, bed room, office, and any place.
  • Temperature control: The range of the refrigerator temperature control is from position “1” the cold to “7” the coldest. Adjust the temperature control to the setting that best suits your needs. Tips: The setting “4” should be appropriate for home or office refrigerator use.
  • Internal implementation of the refrigerator: Refrigerator liner adopts HIPS Energy saving and environmental protection, which can effectively antibacterial and remove odor. The air conditioning is evenly transported to every corner by the three- dimensional circulation wind, ensure the freezer internal temperature difference control within -18℃