Portable Clothes Steamer – Travel Steamer for Clothes, Mini Size & Lightweight for Most Fabric – Safe with Anti Drip Design, Easy to Use for Vertical & Horizontal Ironing, Removable Brush Included

marsboy handheld fabric iron steamer is installed with FASTEST 25-seccond heat-up technology, iron function and advanced touch panel, allowing you to start steaming fast and saving your time.

Professional Powerful Handheld Fabric Steamer- At Home and Travel
Skip expensive dry cleaning services and get convenient and fast professional performances at home and in travel with marsboy handheld fabric iron steamer! Practical 850 watts 25-second heat-up system produces powerful and consistent steam, killing bacterias and mites, removing all wrinkles from your garments, drapery, bedding, table linens and more. marsboy portable fabric steamer can be used under any circumstances!

Practical, Ergonomic and Portable Iron Fabric Steamer
3.8oz detachable water reservoir on product handle, marsboy handheld fabric steamer is easy to assemble and refill, professionally designed to avoid overload to human arm and back. Iron nozzle plate made for you to steam horizontally and vertically whether it’s flat on the ironing board or vertical on a hanger.

Safe, User-friendly Portable Travel Steamer
marsboy mini travel steamer is designed for easy maneuverability. Touch panel is easy to use, double click for “on”, triple click for “off”, saving time and extending service life. marsboy portable iron steamer is your best companion in your daily life and in your journey!

TIP #1: Don’t use our iron steamer upside down. Keep hot steam away from skin, children and pets (danger of burning injuries).
TIP #2: marsboy fabric steamer will still operate then shut down automatically after 10 minutes when water runs out, so please turn off and unplug it from the power socket.

What’s in the package:
1 x marsboy Handheld Fabric Steamer
1 x Fabric Brush
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • SAFETY, NO WATER SPLIT AND REDUCE NESTY SMELL: Protect you from water split with cool touch shell and tightly closed water capacitor. The qualified dry steam steamer does a better job for anti-water drop from the stainless surface than wet steam does. Effectively sanitizes clothes and eliminate those nasty smells due to very high temperatures it can reach.
  • MOST FABRICS, HIGH EFFICIENCY, MULTIPLE WAYs: Only 25 seconds heating up save your time. The 3.8oz detachable water reservoir provides up to 10 minutes, continuous and powerful steaming. Do any vertical or horizontal ironing you want to do. High-quality dry steaming can efficiently reduce hard wrinkles on most of the fabric such as the sweater, shirt, jeans, pants, suit, dress, skirt, scarf, and cushion.
  • AVAILABLE IN HOME &TRAVEL: Mini size portable and lightweight design let you conveniently use at home and easy to be packed into travel suitcase with the detachable reservoir. If you have no time for laundry in next morning, it’s perfect for you to deodorize your clothes and refresh your daily life with a removable brush.
  • NO BUTTON BROKEN WITH ADVANCED TOUCH SWITCH: Advanced touch panel installed in the switch of Marsboy handheld prolong service life. You don’t need to worry about button broken. The ingenious design -Double clicks “on”, triple click “off”, avoid accidentally shut down.
  • WE ARE WORTH IT: We’re totally responsible for Marsboy fabric steamer. We can ensure that our products are produced under strict standers. You can return it WITHOUT ANY REASON within 24 months! Whether at home or traveling, Marsboy iron steamer is your best companion.