The Laundry Alternative – Silk Lux Portable Mini Automatic Washing Machine with Germicidal UV Light – 7.7-Pound Load Capacity – Yellow Lid

The Laundry Alternative – Silk Lux Washing Machines

Introducing Silk Lux, the answer to all your laundry woes! This amazing electric countertop clothes washer is the best product of its kind on the market. At just 46 pounds, It is compact and portable, and perfect for small spaces like an apartment or studio, or for travel, camping and RV adventures. Its stylish body and colored lid lend it a modern look, which helps it fit seamlessly into any space. The machine’s germicidal UV light will get your clothes sparkling clean, and save you money in the long term by reducing the need for detergent by 30 to 50%! This top-of-the-line washer is loaded with smart features. It detects if a load ends up off balance, and automatically attempts to balance it, and has a pump that drains the washer in intervals to ensure your sink does not overflow.

Never dread a trip to the laundromat again! Order the Silk Lux washing machine today for time and money savings!

Key Features:Small and portable (46 pounds, 18 inches x 18 inches x 30 inches)Quiet and fully automatic operationBetter engineering and internal components than older modelsHuge load capacity of around 3 adult shirts and some socks, or a pair of XXL jeans (inner tub is 12 inches tall, 14 inches in diameter)Germicidal UV light reduces allows for 30 to 50% less detergent per loadSelf-balancing spin cycleSmart drain pump releases water from washer in intervals to prevent sink from overflowing2 large easy-to-clean filtersNo mesh bags to replaceModern look provided by stylish body and colored lid

Product Features

  • CONVENIENTLY COMPACT: Washer is the perfect size for a small apartment, travel, or to take camping.
  • SAVE MONEY: Germicidal UV light allows you to use 30% to 50% less detergent with every load.
  • SPACIOUS CLOTHES CAPACITY: Can hold 3 adult clothing items and some socks, or a pair of XXL jeans.
  • SIMPLE TO OPERATE: Machine is quiet, fully automatic and has 2 large easy-to-clean lint filters.
  • TRUST THE LAUNDRY ALTERNATIVE: We stand by our products. Every item comes with a 3-year warranty.