Washer Dryer Antivibration and Anti-Walk Pads – Anti Vibrant Pad set of 4 Washpuck – Excludes Walking Feet Reduces Vibration as Washing Machine Mat Pan Tray Stand Stabilizer Pedestal by Green-World

Having bought antivibration pad stand today, you will increase the service life of your washing machine, at least exclude it walking, reduce noise and vibration!

Installation Instructions :

✔Before installing the stable pads, make sure that your machine is at the right level on a flat surface.

✔Clean the floor and it is necessary to thoroughly clean the feet of possible traces of rust, and if irregularities occur, remove them. Make sure the pads are clean.

✔Place the pads next to the machine feet.

✔Alternately, tilt the machine on each side while another person install the pad under the machine in the place where its feet come into contact with the floor. (Be careful! Don’t lower the machine without warning another person).

✔Make sure that the machine feet are in the groove of the pads.

✔If all the pads are set correctly, then your machine is ready and you can enjoy the silence, while it works.

Product Features

  • WASHER DRYER ANTIVIBRATION PADS – work like washing machine mat pan stand: excludes walking, reduce vibration
  • NATURAL RUBBER – washing machine stabilizer stable pads is produced without harm to the environment
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL WASHING MACHINES – size washer tray pedestal adapted for the feet all brands on the market
  • SAVING MONEY – using anti vibration pad, excluding walking, – you reduce wear of drum with anti vibrasion pads
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED if this anti vibrant pad washpuck do not meet your requirements