KAPAS KPS35-735H2 Compact Washing Machine, Fully Automatic 2-in-1 Washer and Dryer Machine with 8 lbs. Capacity Top Load Tub Washer

Step 1: install anti mouse board in bottom of washer
Step 2: Install outer drain pipe and put pipe on the ground with drainage or other place with drain water facility. attention! This washer has no pump for drain, please make sure water can be drained by gravity, do not put drain pipe more than 2.5inch high. This is a suggestion, please use depend on actual situation
Step 3: Connect inner pipe with washer and water faucet
First, check if there is a black seal in water inner joint base.
Second, put water inner pipe on intake of water inner valve.
Third, connect with water faucet, we provide universal 3/4 threaded connector, if yours are different, please purchase adaptor depend on your water faucet or other outer water system.
Step 4: connect power and active machine
Step 5: choose water level (level 1 – level4) ,respectively little, low, medium, high.
Step 6: Choose one wash program
for example: Normal: suggest this program, the whole process need 45 minutes, 3 times washing, 3 times spin for dry. (led lights up)
Air dry: it’s cold air dry, this machine has not heating function, after spin, suggest use this air dry function, that will save for clothesline. 1 time need 25 minutes. (led lights up)
there’s more functions, please see instruction
Step 7: put dirty clothes and washing liquid or powder- close lid – press star/pause button – waiting washer to finish all works.
Attention please
in process of spin for dry and wash, do not open the lid, if open lid in working status, machine will pause automatically. If continue, please press star/pause button
If any problem, please contact customer service

Product Features

  • Fully automatic washer with 1-cubic-foot stainless-steel tub for top loading up to 7.8 pounds (3.5kg)
  • Water level controller, preset washing time, 8 wash program to select and led indicator
  • 10 minutes automatically powers off after washing, it’s more smart and safe for kids and whole family
  • Special customize import water durable rubber hose with 3/4 screw thread connector for universal family faucet and water-tap